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Interceptor's Base
English Name: N/A
Japanese Name: 迎撃拠点
General Information
Number of Areas: 3
Hazards: Breakable falling structures, Fire
Small Monsters: Ioprey, Remobra
Large Monsters: Harudomerugu, Rebidiora, Rukodiora, Rusted Kushala Daora, Shen Gaoren, Teostra, Yama Tsukami
Game Appearances: MHF-F1 - MHF-G8
Generation: Frontier
FrontierGen-Interceptor's Base Map

Interceptor's Base Map

A new Area featured in Monster Hunter Frontier Forward.1 called Interceptor's Base (迎撃拠点). It is reminiscent of the Town. The Area also has a new type of Dragonator that comes from underground. The area is often attacked by the flagship monster of Forward 1, the Rukodiora and its relative, Rebidiora. The Area also features Ballista and Cannon areas and there seems to be a contraption for traveling to other areas.

If you look out the window in camp you can actually see the same area Mezeporta Square that you post all quests in the game.

The area features assistance from the guild with breakable automatic cannon ball firing structures.

When a structure breaks it falls to the ground possibly falling on and crushing hunters.

Overtime as more structures get destroyed and catch on fire from the monster in the area the air starts to fill sparks of flames. And the area where Remobra and Ioprey stay catches on fire making a extra fire hazard causing damage if stepped in.


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