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1[Minegarde Geographer -5-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world. The sixth part in my series will cover a zone known as the Volcanic Belt.

2The Volcanic Belt is a land where the harsh nature of the volcanic rock has killed off most of the vegetation. The heat of this zone from the volcano's mouth to the caves in the northwest, will slowly zap the health of unwary travelers. Said to be twice as devastating as desert heat, Cool Drink is only half as effective as expected.
3It is thus a matter of great importance to be cautious in your movements. If you happen to step in lava, no Cool Drink is going to stop you from roasting like a holiday ham. Even with a special Skill like Terrain Damage Reduce, you will never completely block out the damaging heat.

MHFU Version: I may be stating the obvious here, but I must warn you travelers out there that should you visit the region to watch your step. No matter how many Cool Drinks you consume, it's not going to stop your toes from getting burned. However, if you have the Terrain Damage Negate skill, your feet should be alright, so it's a good idea to bring that useful skill with you.

4However, this is not to say there is a lack of life in the Volcanic Belt. Quite the contrary. Fire Herbs grow in abundance among the volcanic rocks. And like the Desert zone, you can also find Tropical Berries, which, when combines with Ice Crystal, may prove useful when your Cool Drinks are exhausted.
5The main characteristic of the zone is the overwhelming abundance of ore. From rocky areas, to caves, to the mouth of the volcano itself. It is possible to gather various types of ores. There is never a shortage of hunters trudging up the mountains with pickaxes in tow.
6You should beware the powerful wyvern Gravios, as well as the rock like Basarios. Both of these wyverns have exceptionally hard shells that can make it difficult to damage them with normal weapons.
7You may also encounter the adolescent version of the Carapaceon called a Ceanataur. Adolescent Ceanataurs have the special ability to spit a toxic venom. Falling victim to this venom, especially in the Volcanic Belt, is a recipe for disaster. The Ceanataur is a very aggressive beast, meaning even a skilled hunter should not take it lightly.
8Other Notes -Dragonite Ore-

Very high quality ore. Often found in caves.

Other Notes -Hercudrome-

Lives in the rocky base of the volcano. Incredibly valuable.

Other Notes -Firestone- Only obtained near the volcano's mouth. Astonishingly valuable ore.

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