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1[Minegarde Geographer -Special Edition-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world. This special edition of my series covers the town of Dondruma.

2In the Schrade region, if one were to travel east from our land of Minegarde through the Himeroon Mountains, one would arrive at the town of Dondruma.
3It may be related to its location, but the town is subject to numerous attacks from elder dragons and giant Carapaceons. These attacks have caused widespread destruction in the town, but also lead to a spirit of resilience and reconstruction.
4Meaning that the people haven't simply accepted their fate to be just victims to monster attacks. Quite the contrary, they've established the Elder Dragon Observation Center to provide updates on the locations of the beasts, and installed large scale weapons such as the Ballista and the Dragonator to provide the town a means of defense.
5When a monster attacks the town, a special branch of the Hunter's Guild known as the Guardians join forces with volunteer hunters from across the land to repel the attack. That is why the Guild carries such weight in the political administration of Dondruma.
6There are occasions when nearby outposts of the Hunter's Guild may issue a mobilization order for hunters to come and defend the town. All hunters in the local areas must heed this call to defense and fight the good fight.

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