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1[Minegarde Geographer -7-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world. This seventh part in my series will cover the Tower recently discovered in the Jungle zone.

2An enormous building found within the vast expanse of the Jungle. A relic of a different age that pierces the sky. Who? When? Why? All of these questions remain unanswered.
3While the existence of the Tower was mentioned in ancient texts, it took a special hunter gathering the pieces of a long forgotten map and the cooperation of the Elder Dragon Observation Center to finally make the long rumored tower's location known to all.
4Even today, research into the Tower continues; however, the Tower remains home to powerful elder dragons, meaning that this research proceeds only with the greatest of care. It may take many months or even years to uncover all of the Tower's mysteries.
5Along with elder dragons, other dangerous monsters call the Tower home. Remobras are the most often encountered of this group. As large as a Velociprey, they can fly through the air spraying poison and rendering those with melee weapons completely ineffective.
6This special environment has also spawned incredibly large and dangerous Thunderbugs called, surprisingly enough, Great Thunderbugs. I myself have rarely been attacked by these menaces, but their danger to hunters cannot be overstated, as one touch is capable of inducing paralysis.
7At present time, our research indicates there are no items that can only be found in this area. If your goal is gathering materials, the presence of the powerful monsters will severely diminish the profitability of any gathering mission in this area.

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