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1[Minegarde Geographer -1-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world.

2The first part in my series will cover the Snowy Mountains zone. Wrapped in white snow year round, it is a harsh environment for both monster and hunter.
3Why? Because it's cold! That's why! From the Guild established base camp at the bottom, to the summit, and in every cave in between, no matter where you are it is cold. To ward off the cold, a Hot Drink is your best friend. It warms the body, but expect its effects to be halved as you approach the summit.
4In Pokke Village, a small settlement near the mountains, they have created a set of armor extremely effective at warding off the cold. Wearing this armor in the mountains will make you impervious to the chilly winds. The normal version is not very strong; however, higher end versions bring with them admirable defensive strength.
5The things that inhabit this harsh climate have adapted to become quite sturdy to withstand the cold. Mountains Herbs, a mountain product of particular note, thrive in the cold and can be found growing in numerous places. The unique environment enriches their medical powers, allowing Mountain Herbs to command high prices on the open market.
6Animals in the range have also adapted. Popos and Antekas that inhabit the mountains have evolved thick pelts to ward off the cold. Blangos and Giapreys, beasts that prey on these animals, are in no way inferior to their predatory cousins from warmer climates.
7Even insects that are normally susceptible to the cold have developed distinctive adaptations to collect the Honey found within the mountain caves. Vespoids, while rare, can be spotted in the area.
8While traversing the Snowy Mountains, one must be aware of the Blangonga, a fanged Primatius beast. Leader of a large pack of Blangos, these fierce fighters could even cause a wyvern to flee. Recent reports also cite sightings of a Tigrex in the area, so extreme caution must be exercised.
9If you are graced with the opportunity to visit this zone, I implore you to visit the mountain summit. Seeing the world spread out before you is an absolutely breathtaking experience. While the cliffs near the summit are exceptionally steep, the chance to see an elder dragon's shedded skin or other delights is priceless.
10Other Notes -Khezu Whelps-

Wyvern larvae found near the summit in nests created from cast off elder dragon skin, incredibly valuable!

Other Notes -Carpenterbug-

Insect found lakeside at the mountain's base.

Other Notes -Ice Crystal-

Useful material acquired at mining points.

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