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1[Researching is tough! 5 -The Old Volcano-]

Dear Instructor,
Today, I'm researching volcanoes. More specifically, I'm looking at one that is the fascination of eccentric hunters everywhere, the Old Volcano.
... Instructor, are you trying to kill me?

2Anyway, I made a nice discovery before I even formally started my research. Looking into the spring at my camp, I found it was populated with the ultra-rare Goldenfish. Thinking that it must be a good sign, I set out for the volcanic caverns, which are filled with rivers of molten lava, in good spirits.
3So what are volcanoes good for? Why, ores, of course! And as expected, I found some good mining points.
Still riding the wave of good vibrations, I headed deeper into the volcano with plenty of Cool Drinks in tow, of course.
Oh, but how wrong I was to think that things were going to be easy...
4In the bowels of the cave, a Black Gravios with its devestatingly hard shell stood at the ready.
It took a deep breath and giant boulders came tumbling down as it unleased its intense heat ray attack. I tried to dodge, but my feet wouldn't budge nary an inch.
Just when I thought all was lost.
5...the hunters who came to my rescue in the Old Swamo came out of nowhere and saved me again!
Just when we thought we were in the clear, another Gravios reared its ugly head. It was like the apocalypse had come!
The hunters and I made it to the cave's entrance by the skin of our teeth,
6But we were now very low on Cool Drinks, and the hunters' wounds were severe.
Searching for a way to help, I took a look around the entrance. To my surprise, I found some large ancient stones
If we can decipher these, they could be the key to propelling our research forward. That's when I knew I couldn't die yet!
7Yes, and at that moment, I espied the gently swaying stalks of a Dragon Seed plant between tall plumes of volcanic smoke!
I took some and combined it to make Dragon Shots. I remembered what you said, Instructor, that no matter how strong they are against dragon element, if you shoot between the plates of its shell... This was our last shot!
8Gunfire, explosions, roars... It's all a big blur. But the next thing I clearly remember is all of us walking back into camp.
Wounded all over, we piled into the boat that would take us home. I took this time to further examine the ancient stones I'd found. There is a sort of ancient text carved on them, but I have no idea what it says.
9The knowledge we get from my research, the passion of the moment, and teamwork... These are the important aspects of practical experience that you wanted me to understand, right!?
Heh, who could've guessed!? You were sending me to these super-dangerous places to show me what you meant! Oh, Instructor!!
10That's what I was thinking, but after a while, I began to think that it's a rather disagreeable teaching method. I mean, I was always one breath away from death!
That's why I've decided that from now on, I will go on research trips and practicals with you, and only you, Instructor. Carpe diem!
Respectfully yours,

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