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1[Minegarde Geographer -1-]

Dear Instuctor,

Here I am in the very foggy and very wet Old Swamp, writing up my report to you. I feel so much more at ease this time around since you told me that all I would have to do is collect some mushrooms.

2 The air is cool here in this quiet locale, but it looks like monsters that feed on Genprey and Ioprey also live here, so I must be on guard at all times. South of my camp lives an old Wyverian man who collects local veggies. There isn't a straight path to his house, but it was worth it as I got some rare materials in exchange.
3 A distance away from my camp I discovered 3 small caves. They're literally treasure-troves overflowing with minerals like Quartz Ore. Jackpot! I haven't run into any large monsters, and research has been easy. If only it was like this every time... But wait, what was that just now?... Must be my imagination.
4 Whew I must be paranoid. Silly, huh? But upon looking up at the ceiling, what should I see but a giant Red Khezu! In the time it took me to think, " Fork me, I'm done! " It had opened it's mouth and swallowed me whole, introducing me to the contents of its stomach. Now I know how a Kelbi feels. The Khezu is one scary monster.
5 However, now was not the time for sypathy! I had to get fast or be reduced to a pile of bones. It was becoming harder and harder to breathe... Instructor, I thought you said it would be " perfectly safe"!? I thought, "Father, Mother, please forgive me for not saying goodbye..."
6 Just as I was about to lose all hope, a band of Guild hunters who just happened to be in the area came to my rescue! Wow, talk about a close one... By the way, I talked with them and quess what they told me? They said that YOU had hired them to follow me and help me if I was about to die!

Um, so instructor... I know that in your mind practical experience is important, but I get the feeling that you're sending me out to these really dangerous places on purpose just so you can read my reports and laugh... Nah, there's no way that a world-class naturalist and teacher would do such a thing! Respectfully yours,

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