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1[Research is tough! 2 -The Old Jungle-]

Dear Instructor,
Today, I'm sending you a report straight from the Old Jungle. This is an area thick with trees that hunters have used as a hunting ground since long ago.

2I'm currently making my way through the innermost part of the Old Jungle. Surrounded on all sides by trees, which fills me with absolute dread. And fear. I can't tell when or where an attack might spring from...
Plus, this inhumane heat and humidity! I'm felling sticky all over! I'm convinced this is the worst place on the face of the planet!
3My base camp is nestled in deep among the trees, and a river flows through the middle of it all. The local Vespoids and Hornetaurs are out, as are some very rare, small-type bugs, but I'm not here for these tiny things. I'm after the biggest insect monster of them all, the Vespoid Queen!
4Why am I after it? Because it's the QUEEN! It's got the radiance of a Thunderbug and the prismatic beauty of a rainbow! The desire to find one rages within me like the torrent of a mighty river, cascading into a waterfall, and out the mouth of a cave. Ooh, I'm all nervous lying in wait as I gulp down my Hot Drink in one go.
5By the way, this cave is rich in Ores and really rare herbs, I've gathered some for you!~
Anyway, all of a sudden, my woman's intuition tells me there's something outside. I ran outside post-haste and there was the Queen herself! Brilliant rainbow wings and a golden thorax... I was finally face to face with one!
6"Oh, eww!!" I said out loud by accident, and I know it's hard to believe, but please hear me out, Instructor! It was this gigantic bug as big as a Yian Kut-Ku flying around and it was just... Gross. Seriously, who the heck said because it's a queen it had to be beautiful?
...Wait, that was me, wasn't it?
7Yes, I know, I can't let myself succumb so easily, and unsubstantiated research is the worst of the worst kind. I think I'm beginning to understand your favourite saying.
I'm going to stand strong and be ready for anything that may arise from now on. I hope you'll look forward to my next report!
Respectfully yours,

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