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1[Researching is tough! 3 -The Old Desert-]

Dear Instructor,
I'm reporting to you today from an old hunting ground that humans have been familiar with since a long time ago, the Old Desert!

2...Or rather, I would be reporting if it wasn't so blazing hot here! My motivation to put this together is in the red. I've drunk so many Cool Drinks, my stomach is threatening to revolt. And as a bonus, I'm thoroughly parched and the sand is turning my tongue into a sheet of sandpaper.
Can I come home yet...? Please...?
3Anyway... Right, work.
I took a quick walk and found that the Old Desert, while expansive, is enclosed on all sides by cliffs. Small caves rich in ores dot the landscape, and I even found what appears to be a nest of herbivorous wyverns!
Could I have stumbled onto something incredibly big here!?
4Chewing on a Cephalos Fin+, I made my way to the underground lake on the north side where I took a break. I also finally had the chance to use a Bugnet and collect some bugs.
Oh yeah, I saw some fish in the lake, so I thought I'd try my hand at some fishing. I happened to find some frogs to use as bait just outside the cave to the underground lake.
5Pretty clever, huh? I'm totally a fishing genius, right?
Um... Where was I again...? Oh, right. So I thought to myself that I'd have perfect Gourmet Fish tonight for dinner when all of a sudden, a gigantic fish-like shadow came into view. I was confused. I mean, it was a bit too big to be any normal fish, and yet....
6I don't remember what happened after that. A water breath here, an enormous tail that whapped the daylight out of me there... I returned to camp soaked in the stench of fish. Is that what you meant by the 'hardships of research', Instructor? I hope you'll send me to a safer place next time. Pretty Please...?
Respectfully yours,

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