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1[Minegarde Geographer -2-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world. The second part in my series will cover the Jungle zone.

2Surrounding the lake to the north, south, and west, the warmth of the Jungle makes it home to a wide array or herbivores and carnivores who use the prey-rich environment to feed and breed. The Special Mushrooms found in this area are quite popular, making them frequent targets of Guild-sponsored Quests.
3Located at the center of the Jungle, is a wide, expansive cave. With its abundance of fresh air, it is the home to many monster nests. If you are looking to acquire an Egg or two, this is the place to search. However, there are many cliffs and terraces in your path, meaning that you must carefully plan your escape route.
4To the north, a small island is reachable by foot during the day depending on the tides; however, at night, it is unapproachable. There are certain materials that can only be obtained on this island, such as the Carpenterbug used in crafting armor or the Beautiful Shell, a valuable Account Item.
5Monsters you should be aware of include the Hermitaur, Daimyo Hermitaur, and other Carapaceons. When traversing the shoreline, exercise extreme caution with the area's native residents, as well as monsters appearing from underground or passing overhead. Also be on the lookout for Primatius threats from Congas, Bullfangos, etc.
6Another threat in the area comes from gigantic insects such as the Vespoid or Hornetaur. Spotted more often now than in the past, these insects can cause enormous damage due to their large numbers. This has elevated them to a position of prominence vis-a-vis extermination Quests.
7Other Notes -Black Pearl-

A natural pearl grown inside the body of a Carapaceon. An excellent material, it can sometimes be found on te shoreline.

Other Notes -Speartuna-

Giant tuna often found near the lakeside camp.

Other Notes -Royal Rhino-

Shining beetle. Often breeds near the shore.

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