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1[Researching is tough! 1 -The Great Forest-]

Dear Instrustor,
From the dawn of time, the ancient forest zone has intrigued mankind. As sush, please allow me to share with you what I have discovered in the region known as the Great Forest.

2The two things one must be on guard against at all times are the violent Shakalakas that live in the heart of the Great Forest, and the jet-black monster which is rumoured to lurk in the shadows here. I believe you even said it yourself that the strictest of attention must be paid to these two creatures.
3The first thing that strikes you as you enter is the giant tree at the center of the sea of green. Gazing at the tree uplifted my spirit and I was ready to go. The trees here are no saplings. I finally made it to the base of the giant tree after meandering through the maze of trunks, its roots above my head, forming a canopy.
4The heart of the tree was carved out, forming almost a cave and unidentified fungi grew from the ground. I decided to proceed in. That's when I heard a child like laugh. I was shocked and forgot to breath, and started to walk tip-toe. I though that maybe, just maybe it was... it was ... a ghost...?
5But it turned out to be a mob of Shakalakas! They're about half the size of a human, but they sure are prone to violence. I had unwittingly stubled right into one of their meetings! The one with the crown, the king, issued a command in a loud voice. I don't speak their language, but I didn't have to for this!
6In a flash, all of the Shakalaka there turned and charged at me, waving their hatchets in the air! It was then I understood that the child's voice I heard earlier was actually the voice of a Shakalaka. What a way to learn. As I ran with all my might, I scribbled some notes down about my discovery. Awesome, right?
7Just as the sun was setting, I had a brush with death. This time, it was a large black shadow that appeared before me. It had a low voice, glistening blood-red eyes, a monster's physique, and fangs sharper than the sharpest blades... People say that once spotted, that's it. The end. I couldn't believe it How could I have run into one...?
8Things turned out allright in the end, though. And that is how my first research trip came to an exciting end. Field research is really though and I still have no idea what you meant by what you told me. Hmm... But I swear to try harder next time! respectfully yours,

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