The Info Magazine, known within the game as “Hunting Life – A Monthly Magazine for Hunters”, is a collection of in-game articles that cover a variety of topics within the context of the 1st and the 2nd Generation games. Many of the articles in the Magazine were introduced in Monster Hunter, while additional articles were added with each consecutive game up to and including MH Freedom Unite. However, because the change between generation 1 and 2 altered the setting and many of the mechanics of the game, some articles were replaced or significantly altered due to the change. Many of the basic articles, though, remained the same.

The information in these articles is especially helpful to beginners, offering commentary on the areas, weapons, game mechanics, and other features new players encounter. Additionally, some of the articles contain content explaining elements of the story behind Monster Hunter, shedding light on the history of Pokke village, the motivations of characters such as Treshi, and the background of monsters like Velociprey, Tigrex, and even Fatalis. Articles are added throughout the course of each game, thus expanding the reference for players encountering more and more advanced subjects.

The Info Magazine in its most complete form contains 7 major sections:

  • The Lay of the Land: a section containing information on all the areas monsters can be fought in in each game.
  • Tools of the Trade – Melee Weapons: a section with articles on melee weapon usage, improvement, and on individual weapons.
  • Tools of the Trade – Range Weapons: a section with articles explaining usage and ammunition of ranged weapons.
  • Tools of the Trade – Armor & Decorations: a section with articles on crafting and improving armor as well as on Decorations.
  • A Window into the World of Skills: a section with information on the different kinds of skill types and on some individual skills.
  • Monster Compendium: a section containing articles on the different types of monsters in the game.
  • Hunter Trivia: a section containing miscellaneous pieces of information and some elements of the story.

The Info Magazine’s articles cover almost all of the basics of Monster Hunter’s 1st and 2nd Generation games, but leave significant amounts of information for players to discover on their own. Additionally, the articles are within the context of only the first two generations and some information may not necessarily apply to the 3rd generation games. Nevertheless, the Info Magazine contains some information helpful to hunters at all levels, such as the Hunting Horn Sheet Music and explanations of certain skills.

Hunting Life - A Monthly Magazine For Hunters
The Lay of the Land About the Snowy Mountains | About the Jungle | About the Desert | About the Swamp | About the Forest and Hills | About the Volcanic Belt | About the Tower | About the Town
About the Fortress | About Castle Schrade | About the Great Forest | About the Old Jungle | About the Old Desert | About the Old Swamp | About the Old Volcano
Tools of the Trade - Melee Weapons Melee Weapons Usage 1 | Melee Weapons Usage 2 | Weapon Creation and Improvement Part 1 | Weapon Creation and Improvement Part 2 | Affinity | Sword | Great Sword | Hammer | Lance | Dual Blades | Long Sword | Gunlance | Hunting Horn | Hunting Horn Sheet Music | Hunting Horn Sheet Music at a Glance
Tools of the Trade - Range Weapons Bowgun Usage 1 | Bowgun Usage 2 | Bow Usage | About Ammunition 1 | About Ammunition 2 | About Arrow Coatings | Bowgun Creation and Improvement
Tools of the Trade - Armor & Decorations About Armor | About Armor Improvement | Activating Skills | About Decorations | Decoration Crafting Recipes |G-Level Armor
A Window into the World of Skills About Skills | Skills Details 1 | Skills Details 2 | Skills Details 3 | About Felyne Whim Skills | Felyne Whim Skills 1 | Felyne Whim Skills 2 | Felyne Whim Skills 3
Monster Compendium About Monster Materials | About Velociprey Breeds | About Felynes | About Insects | Fallen Objects | About Wyverns 1 | About Wyverns 2 | About Wyverns 3 | Primatius Info | Carapaceon Info | Tigrex | Elder Dragon Info | Lao-Shan Lung | Akantor
Hunter Trivia Quest Level | About Combining | About Fishing | About Items 1 | About Items 2 | About Items 3 | Anytime Delivery | Veggie Elders | Treshi | Village History | The Legend of the Black Dragon | About the Training School 1 | About the Training School 2 | About the Guild Card | Special Quest

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