In-game description

Armor Piece Description
Head1Indra Helm Shin Patterned after an ancient god. Aged Gaoren materials are said to hold its power.
Chest1Indra Vest Shin Made by refining Shen Gaoren crafting to its core. An impregnable wall of armor.
Hands1Indra Gloves Shin Gloves made from Shen Gaoren materials. Its crafting is a testament to ingenuity.
Waist1Indra Wrap Shin Thick, solid waist armor. Shen Gaoren materials give it unimaginable protection.
Legs1Indra Leggings Shin Made from solid Shen Gaoren materials. One's feet feel like firmly grounded roots.


Armor Piece Items Required Cost
Head1Indra Helm Shin HvyGaorenShell (2), Hvy Gaoren Spine (1), HrdChameleosHorn (1), HvnlyGaorenShell (1) 31500z
Chest1Indra Vest Shin HvyGaorenShell (2), Hvy Gaoren Spine (1), Hvy Daora Shell (1), PhantomButterfly (2) 31500z
Hands1Indra Gloves Shin HvyGaorenShell (2), Hard Gaoren Claw (1), ThckDaoraDrgnScl (2), PhantomButterfly (3) 31500z
Waist1Indra Wrap Shin HvyGaorenShell (2), Hard Gaoren Claw (1), Hvy Daora Shell (1), HvnlyGaorenShell (1) 31500z
Legs1Indra Leggings Shin HvyGaorenShell (2), Hvy Gaoren Spine (1), ThckDaoraDrgnScl (2), PhantomButterfly (2) 31500z
Total HvyGaorenShell (10), Hvy Gaoren Spine (3), Hard Gaoren Claw (2), HvnlyGaorenShell (2), Hvy Daora Shell (2), ThckDaoraDrgnScl (4), HrdChameleosHorn (1), PhantomButterfly (7) 157500z

The Indra Shin armor is mainly made of G rank Shen Gaoren materials, as well as G Chameleos and Kushala Daora parts, and some bugs. It becomes available at HR7, but if soloing it can only be obtained at HR9. It's relatively easy to create compared to other armors of the same caliber, however the main problem will most likely be obtaining the 2 hvnly shells needed to complete this set.

Armor Stats

Indra Shin starts with a defense of 100 per piece and ends with a defense of 116 per piece, making it, along with other equally powerful armors, the 3rd strongest armor in the game. It offers great elementals resistance to Water, Thunder and Ice, but leaves one vulnerable to Fire and Dragon. The skills it provides are mainly meant for lancers, and with correct gemming can become one of the best lancer sets in mhfu.

Armor Skills

Armor Piece Skill Points
Head1Indra Helm Shin Guard +5, Cooking -2, Quake Res +3, Guts +1
Chest1Indra Vest Shin Guard +2, Cooking -2, Quake Res +4, Guts +1
Hands1Indra Gloves Shin Guard +3 Cooking -2, Guts +4
Waist1Indra Wrap Shin Guard +2, Cooking -2, Quake Res +3
Legs1Indra Leggings Shin Guard +3 Cooking -2, Guts +4
Total Guard +15, Guts +10, Quake Res +10, Cooking -10
  • The armor gives the following skills:
  1. Guard +1: Decreases stamina depletion, damage taken from blocking attacks and recoil slightly.
  2. Guts: Allows surviving any attack if health is above 70.
  3. Quake Resistance: Unaffected by quakes generated by Shen Gaoren, Rajang and such monsters.
  4. Slow Life: Consuming speed of Steaks and Fish foods (Gourmet Fish, Rare Fish etc.) are slower. Potions, Rations and other recovery items are still consumed with the same speed, however.


Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 1
  • Torso: 1
  • Arms: 2
  • Waist: 3
  • Legs: 2

The armor has 9 slots, which means you can put on 1 skill on it if you don't gem a weapon with it. Seeing as the armor already provides the skills necessary for a lancer, it is recommended to improve/add the skills lancing is all about. It would look like this without gemming a weapon:

  • Insert 2 Iron Curtain Jewels.

The skills would be:

  1. Guard +2
  2. Guts
  3. Quake Resistance
  4. Slow Life

There will be 5 slots left on the armor, which can be used to make a start towards the Guard Inc skill, but you don't have enough slots to get Guard Up on it, you will need a weapon with 3 slots. So with the remaining slots and a 3 slot weapon gem it like this:

  • Insert 1 StrongWall Jewel on the waist.
  • Insert 2 Hard Wall Jewels.
  • Insert 1 StrongWall Jewel on a 3 slot lance/gunlance.

Once this is done you will have a great tanking armor:

  1. Guard +2
  2. Guard Inc
  3. Guts
  4. Quake Resistance
  5. Slow Life

But options for this final setup are very limited, instead you could better go for Gravios X if you want both Guard Inc and Guard +2.

Alternative Gemming (by Sven 17:33, February 22, 2011 (UTC))

This alternative gemming requires a two-slot weapon, making this the best armor against G-Level Rajang, so it's good to use an Ice-Elemented weapon just like Edelweiss Ice Blade+, Axion or Ice Fang.

  • Weapon [2 slots]: Cure All Jewel (Recovery +2, Health -1)
  • Head [1 slot]: QuickEaterJewel (Cooking +1, Recpvery -1)
  • Body [1 slot]: Curing Jewel (Recovery +1, Health -1)
  • Arms [2 slots]: Cure All Jewel+ (Recovery +3, Health -1)
  • Waist [3 slots]: Cure All Jewel (Recovery +2, Health -1) Curing Jewel (Recovery +1, Health -1)
  • Legs [2 slots]: Cure All Jewel (Recovery +2, Health -1)

The skills would be:

  1. Guard +1
  2. Guts
  3. Quake Resistance
  4. HealthRecItemsImprvd

Armor Sphere Levelling Requirements

Armor Level Armor Defence Armor Sphere Required Upgrade Cost
2 102 Hrd Armor Sphere x1 5140z
3 104 Hvy Armor Sphere x1 6800z
4 106 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 7300z
5 108 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 7300z
6 110 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 7300z
7 112 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 7300z
8 114 Tru Armor Sphere x1 7800z
9 116 Tru Armor Sphere x1 8300z

Total Per Piece

Total Armor Spheres Total Cost
Hrd Armor Sphere x1, Hvy Armor Sphere x1, Ryl Armor Sphere x4, Tru Armor Sphere x2 57240z

Total for Entire Armor Set

Total Armor Spheres Total Cost
Hrd Armor Sphere x5, Hvy Armor Sphere x5, Ryl Armor Sphere x20, Tru Armor Sphere x10 286200z