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In-Game Information

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Ice Chramine is a Bird Wyvern that was discovered within the Mezeporta district. Its only known relative is the Chramine. It is said that Ice Chramine aren't exactly Subspecies, but rather some type of mutation.

Habitat Range

Ice Chramine have been seen living in the Yilufa Snowy Mountains.

Ecological Niche

Ice Chramine are in the middle of the food chain. Though its unknown what their diet is, however, these monsters have to compete with Blangonga and Red Khezu.

Biological Adaptions

On the body of the Ice Chramine is an oil known as Ice Thunder Oil. This oil has hardened greatly on its shell due to the freezing the temperature of its environment and an enzyme it has produced. This oil only reacts in cold environments so it limits the Ice Chramine to only cold, harsh areas.


Ice Chramine are far smarter and a lot more aggressive than their relatives.