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In-Game Information

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Hyujikiki are quadrupedal members of the Flying Wyvern class. They have a similar body shape with other wyverns such as Barioth or Nargacuga.

Habitat Range

Hyujikiki are known to inhabit the Highland, where both food and water is plentiful, along with the barren Desert.

Ecological Niche

These wyverns are top predators of their environment, readily preying upon animals such as Erupe, Burukku, Apceros, Remobra, Genprey, and Cephalos. But despite being top predators, Hyujikiki have to compete with equally fearsome predators that include the likes of Gurenzeburu, Tigrex, Rathalos, Rathian, Akura Vashimu, Kuarusepusu, Odibatorasu, and powerful Elder Dragons like Teostra or Kushala Daora. Hyujikiki also have to beware the large Poborubarumu wyverns as they are the reasons why the Hyujikiki have evolved their spines.

Biological Adaptations

Hyujikiki are nicknamed Needle Wyverns for very good reason, due to the fact that its body is covered with long spines that are easily capable of piercing a hunter's armor. These spines are their main weapons and defense, specifically to protect themselves from Poborubarumu. Hyujikiki is able to constantly make them by using fats and oils in its body. They are capable of launching them from not only their tails but from their backs as well. When angered, blood will flow in these spines. Hyujikiki are also capable of shooting blasts of wind from their maws, that can also produce twisters like a Kushala Daora or Kamu Orugaron. These blasts of air can toss hunters in even the heaviest of armor with ease. One interesting and amazing characteristic these creatures possess is that whenever terribly enraged, a strange and somewhat electrical aura surrounds them and their venom is active. Once in this state the wyverns become much more powerful as their wind attacks intensify and their spines suddenly gain the ability to poison, paralyze, and even send opponents into a drowsy state.


Hyujikiki are aggressive predators that will readily utilize their natural abilities with deadly intent. These wyverns should not be underestimated by even the most experienced of hunters as one simple mistake made while battling these predators can easily be their last.