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Pink Fatalis Scan 18
English: Hypnocatrice
Japanese: ヒプノック
Korean: 히프노크
Nicknames: Hypno, Hypnoc
English: Sleeper Bird
Japanese: 眠鳥
General Information
Species: Bird Wyvern
Element/s: N/A
Ailment/s: MH3G-Status Effect Sleep Sleep
Weakest to: Fire Fire
Weakness Sign: Back feathers will fold down when in rage and limping.
Signature Move: Jumping kicks, sleep spit
Habitats: Jungle, Old Jungle, Forest and Hills, Great Forest, Desert, Esther Lake
Monster Size: Gold Crown Large 1485.8
Gold Crown Small 751.4
Monsters in Relation: Breeding Season Hypnocatrice, Hypnocatrice Rare Species, Farunokku
Generation: Second

Hypnocatrice is a small-sized Bird Wyvern possessing orange feathers.

MHFU-Hypnocatrice Render 001


It is equipped with a sleeping sac that can put hunters and other monsters to sleep.

Hypnocatrice's Sleep Gas is capable of putting other creatures to sleep, including Velocipreys, Hermitaurs and even other Hypnocatrice. Compared to other Bird Wyverns, it has more control of its body movements. Its fighting style is very similar to the Yian Kut-Ku's, but much deadlier and more accurate. It has an attack where it jumps repeatedly at the hunter, attacking with its claws, inflicting surprising damage.


Hypnocatrice, true to its passive nature, doesn't tend to kill its foes. Rather, it prefers to put them to sleep and run from the fight. However, when enraged, it will put its enemies to sleep, then do everything in its power to kill its foe.


Hypnocatrice are found in the Great Forest, Old Jungle, Jungle,Desert, Forest and Hills, and Esther Lake.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Hard Core (HC) Hypnocatrice

FrontierGen-HC Hypnocatrice Render 001 (Edited)

HC Hypnocatrice appears similar to a normal Hypnocatrice. The normal orange colored feathers are now a warm pink color, with his back feathers having a small yellow tint. Its wings also have more of a pink color in them, which it will use to create much stronger winds than a normal Hypnocatrice. Other attacks include a dancing like attack where it will jump around, more kicking attacks and a sleep mist attack where it breathes out a lot of its sleepy gas and then shoots it away using its wings.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
Logo-MHFU (2009) Logo-MHFO JP (2007) Logo-MHF-G6 (2014)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Hypnocatrice Icon A rust-colored bird wyvern with beautiful tail feathers found mainly in forests. A highly pacifistic wyvern by nature, it breathes sleeping gas on its enemies and prey alike. Its strong, developed legs pack a serious punch, so be careful!
Monster Hunter Frontier G
MHFG-Hypnocatrice Icon (?)


  • Along with Lavasioth, Hypnocatrice is one of the only monsters originally exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier to make it into the Western MH Series.
  • If Hypnocatrice jumps more than twice in its Jumping Attack, it will Taunt at the end.
  • There are minor differences between Hypnocatrice in Monster Hunter Frontier and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite:
    • In Freedom Unite, its back feathers are rainbow-coloured.
    • Hypnocatrice in Frontier does not use the jump kick, but instead has an upward Sleep Gas attack that Hypnocatrice does not do in MHFU.
  • Hypnocatrice's only breakable part is its beak.
  • It probably got its name from 2 different words. One is "Hypnos" which is the Greek God of sleep. The other is "Cockatrice." The Cockatrice is a Wyvern with a rooster's head. We take "Hypno" from Hypnos and "Ckatrice" from Cockatrice and take away the "K" and we get "Hypnocatrice".
  • When in rage mode, Hypnocatrice's tail feathers will stand up more prominently, unless near death, when they lie flat.

  • Hypnocatrice was the target in the easiest quest of the PSN demo.

  • They can be found in the Desert.
  • There is a Hypnocatrice that can create big sleep bubbles in the air that will slowly fall and anyone that is caught in them will be put to sleep.

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