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In-Game Description

Armor Piece Description
Hypno Cap X Cap with orange Hypnocatrice feathers. Gathers sound to enhance a hunter's hearing.
Hypno Vest X Hypnocatrice-based vest. This armor's special design brings out a hunter's power.
Hypno Guards X Made with Hypnocatrice materials. Doesn't interfere with your sense of touch.
Hypno Coat X Coat made of Hypnocatrice materials. Designed for ease of movement and high defense.

Hypno Leggings X

Hypnocatrice-based leggings. Optimized for the average bow and draw weight.

Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 3.
  • Torso: 1.
  • Arms: 2.
  • Waist: 2.
  • Legs: 2.

Materials Needed

Cap: OrangeHypnoPelt+ X2, RainbowTailFeath X4, Hypno Beozar+ X1, Thick Kut Ku Scl X2.

Vest: OrangeHypnoPelt+ X3, Hypno Claw+ X4, RainbowTailFeath X4, Elatite Ore X5.

Guards: OrangeHypnoPelt+ X4, Hypno Claw+ X3, Hypno Fang X3, Thick Kut Ku Scl X3.

Coat: OrangeHypnoPelt+ X3, RainbowTailFeath X6, Elatite Ore X2, Monster Essence X4.

Leggings: OrangeHypnoPelt+ X4, Hypno Claw+ X3, Sleep Sac X4, SpecRubberyHide+ X2.

Total: OrangeHypnoPelt X17, RainbowTailFeath X14, Hypno Beozar+ X1, Thick Kut-Ku Scl X5, Hypno Claw+ X10, Elatite Ore X7, Hypno Fang X3, Monster Essence X4, Sleep Sac X4, SpecRubberyHide X2.

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