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The Hyper State (Japanese 獰猛化) is a mysterious phenomenon in monsters that heightens their aggression. Every monster in Monster Hunter Generations can be affected by the Hyper State except all small monsters, Volvidon, Lagombi, Arzuros, Seltas, Cephadrome, Bulldrome, Velocidrome, Iodrome, Gendrome, Great Maccao, all Elder Dragons, Akantor, Ukanlos, and Deviants.

MHGen-Hyper Astalos Render 001

What is the Hyper State?Edit

The Hyper State is a state that causes monsters to be put into a near permanent enraged state, making most monsters more aggressive while also making them more relentless. The Hyper State also makes some of a monster's attacks more powerful, such as Rathalos' claw attack. It is currently unknown as to why monsters experience this phenomenon.

In-Game MechanicsEdit

In this state, certain parts of a monster become shrouded in a black mist, causing those parts to deal more damage than usual while drastically speeding up the attack itself. When a monster is about to attack with one of its parts that is covered in black mist, the covered area will flash red before the monster unleashes the attack. Throughout the fight, the black mist will travel to different parts though only two body parts will be covered by it. If a hunter attacks a part of the monster with the black mist, the Hunter Art gauge(s) will increase more than usual, creating a risk and reward type of system. In addition to this, Hyper monsters have more health, do more damage, go in rage mode more often and cannot be fatigued.

Practical UsesEdit

To fully upgrade any weapon of a monster, one must use parts from Hyper Monsters to fully upgrade weapons such as a Hyper Mizutsune's scales. In addition to this, there is a special "R series" armor set unlocked by hunting the Hyper version of the monster. For Felynes, Hyper monsters unlock stronger versions of use monster's equipment, both weapon and armor.



  • The Hyper State is supposed to be the monster version of Hunter Arts.
  • Smaller bosses didn't get the Hyper State in-game, because of their smaller size and from their parts being harder to hit compared to larger monsters.
    • The Hyper State is able to affect them lore wise.
  • The Hyper State was added so players could try new tactics and fight monsters differently.


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