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Hunting Horn Weapon Trees:

(This needs an update for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate!)

Understanding the Color of the Notes

The hunting horn is the musical brother to the Hammer. To use the Hunting horn effectively you need to understand how to link the colored notes together. The Hunting Horn has seven different colored notes. Each one is loosely connected to a "type" of status boost.

The Hunting Horn also has two more abilities that make it very handy. The first one being when you string two white or purple notes together. From this you get a speed boost, which allows you to walk at normal speed with the horn drawn. Like all the songs, they only last so long, but it is easy to string those two notes together, and if you do it twice you also get an ESP boost for those hard-shelled monsters. The second ability is that you can temporarily knockout a Monster with successive attacks on the head.

Please note that the effects from a Hunting Horn only stay on for certain amount of time.

White Note - Makes you more powerful
Purple Note - Similar to white but more powerful
Red Note - Raise your abilities such as HP, Attack, and Defense
Dark Blue Note - Anti-Wind and Power/Mega Juice effects
Green Note - Restore health and cure abnormal status
Light Blue Note - Raise tolerance against abnormal status
Yellow Note - Boost Elemental attack and Defense

There are many different Note Combinations that you can play out with your Hunting Horn. To start playing music, all you have to do is have your weapon drawn and hit the R button to make it play the first note. In order to tell which button will play which note is rather simple. For example, the very first Hunting Horn plays White, Dark Blue, and Red.(From left to right)

For Example

R, Square or O - White
Triangle - Blue
2ndGen-Hunting Horn Render 018
Triangle and O - Red

Music lists

Credit goes to n1keman for picture (Larger image)

Another good site for the notes is the Minegarde Hunting Horn Music Sheet and The Complete Hunting Horn Note Guide For MHFU with lists of horns having needed notes.

The Thousand Village Eyes is autotrack and is DB,DB,LB

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