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1[Practical Hunting - Hunting Horn]

Alright, I'm a hunter... But now what weapon should I be using...!? There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition, we will cover the Hunting Horn.

2The Hunting Horn... Oh, that's just some slow weapon that takes a genius to actually use! Or so say this marvelous weapon's naysayers. It is a heavy weapon, thus it slows one's movements, and the gap between attacks is long. However, its remarkable Recital ability more than makes up for these shortcomings.
3It would be a bit of a stretch to say that the Hunting Horn's attacks were easy to use, as one's foot speed with the weapon at the ready is snail-like. One can overcome this flaw by pressing the (R) Button to string a white and purple note together, triggering the Self-Improvement melody effect and raising foot speed; an absolutely essential technique.
4When it comes to power, the Hunting Horn rivals the Hammer. Pressing the (Triangle) button allows combo attacks, while holding the button allows for side to side swings. These attacks are all of the highest order and mastering them will prove worth the effort. Also, pressing the (R) button after an attack will quickly launch you into Recital mode.
5You can also stun a monster in the same manner as a Hammer simply by pressing the (Triangle) and (Circle) button or the (Triangle) button to launch an attack aimed at the beast's head. So take aim and let your horn fly!
6The playable notes for each Hunting Horn are predetermined. During creation and improvement, you can confirm which three notes the horn is capable of playing. These notes are important when considering melodies that raise Attack or shorten Recovery time. A special set of sheet music has been prepared to help open up this brave new world.
7Powerful attacks and even more powerful power ups! There's a whole lot of power to be found when using the Hunting Horn!

Hunting Life - A Monthly Magazine For Hunters
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