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Hunting Horn Weapon Trees:

The Hunting Horn (狩猟笛 Shuryōbue) is a weapon first introduced in the second generation of the Monster Hunter series. It is similar to the Hammer in that it does impact damage and can stun a monster when it connects with the head.

Weapon Overview

MH3U-Hunting Horn Equipment Render 001

Initially, the Hunting Horns were far weaker than the Hammer, as per the damage formula. Even attacks which the two appear to share, such as the Superpound (Triangle+Circle), were weaker on the Hunting Horn. What makes the Horn different from the Hammer is the Recital ability which is triggered by pressing the "R" button.

As of Portable 3rd, the damage formulas have been changed and the Hunting Horn actually puts out more sustained damage than the hammer. The hammer still does more burst damage and more KO damage, but the HH's sustained is far superior. Also in 3rd the forward stab (done by pressing Select) can actually cut a tail; as seen in this video.

Each Horn has a different set of three color specific notes.These notes can be combined in various ways to create various effects, which mimic items such as Demondrug and Psychoserum, among others.


  • All of the note combinations and note sets can be found in the bookshelf at the player's house by looking at the Info Magazine's article Hunting Horn Sheet Music. There are also online sources available displaying the combos; see here and here.
  • One important armor skill for HH users is Flute Expert or Horn Maestro. These skills adds one minute to the duration of every effect that the Hunting Horn creates with its music.
  • Though extremely unused, it is possible to attack using recital mode. Ironically, this is the most powerful attack for the Hunting horn.


MHFU Controls

PSTRI = Unsheath weapon
(Hold R) + PSTRIPSO = Start recital mode

Unsheathed Stationary
PSTRI = Right swing
After performing Right swing: PSTRI = Left swing
PSO = Jab
PSTRIPSO = Super pound / Slam

Unsheathed while moving
PSTRI = Right swing
After a swing, R = Start your first note using the right note 
of your horn.
Unsheathed while moving
PSTRI = Right swing
Analog Left PSTRI = Left swing
PSTRIPSO = Super pound / Slam
R = Enter recital mode. (First note Left note)
Any swing, R = Enter recital mode. (First note Right note)

  • Normally, whenever you enter recital mode, you'll always start with your left note (White or Purple). An undocumented move was discovered that when you swing your weapon, you have an opportunity to start recital mode with the right note as your starting note. Your character will raise his/her horn up to perform the note instead of the usual first note (White or Purple) on his/her right.

MHP3 Controls

In MHP3 the notes are added to the "recital gauge" with each normal attack, in this way:

PS2 TR or PS2 PAD + PS2 TR add the 1st note
PS2 O or PSP SEL add the 2nd note
PS2 OPS2 TR or PS2 PAD + PS2 OPS2 TR add the 3rd note

therefore it is different to have a hunting horn with notes and

Whether the combination of notes is valid, the "recital gauge" indicate that is able to use the recital (PSP R), else the character will execute the recital hit without activate any effects.

Description PSP
Unsheathe Weapon PS2 TR
Forward Slam (While moving) PS2 PAD + PS2 TR
Side Swing Recital (Hold) PSP R + PS2 TR

Description PSP
Roll PS2 X or PS2 PAD (Any direction) + PS2 X
Left Swing PS2 TR
Forward Slam PS2 PAD (Any direction) + PS2 TR or PS2 TR + PS2 TR
Right Swing PS2 O
Forward Stab PSP SEL or PS2 O + PS2 O
Backward Swing PS2 TRPS2 O
Side & Forward Slam PS2 PAD (Any direction) + PS2 TRPS2 O
Side Swing Recital PSP R

Basic Infinity Combos
Description PSP
Left Swing+ Forward Slam + Left Swing+ Forward Slam ... PS2 TR + PS2 TR + PS2 TR + PS2 TR ...
Right Swing+ Forward Stab + Right Swing+ Forward Stab ... PS2 O + PS2 O + PS2 O + PS2 O ...
Backward Swing+ Side & Forward Slam + Backward Swing+ Side & Forward Slam ... PS2 TRPS2 O + PS2 TRPS2 O + PS2 TRPS2 O + PS2 TRPS2 O ...

Combination Combos
Description PSP
Left Swing+ Right Swing+ Left Swing+ Right Swing... PS2 TR + PS2 O + PS2 TR + PS2 O ...
Forward Slam + Side & Forward Slam + Forward Slam + Side & Forward Slam ... PS2 PADPS2 TR + PS2 PADPS2 TRPS2 O + PS2 PADPS2 TR + PS2 PADPS2 TRPS2 O ...

Note: In short, the idea is to combine different attacks depending on the situation

Recital Moves

Side Slam Recital
Default Recital PSP R
PSP R (after any Side Swing) PS2 TR + PSP R
Forward Push Recital
PSP R (after any Forward Slam) PS2 PADPS2 TR + PSP R
Upper Swing Recital
PSP R (after any Upper Swing) PS2 TRPS2 O + PSP R
PS2 O + PS2 O + PSP R

Note: perhaps needless to say but it is important to remember that when using any recital movement, the character will be playing for a while so it is advisable to use roll (PS2 X) to cancel the Recital quickly

Second Recital
Description PSP
Backward Swing Second Recital PSP R ( Successful Recital ) + PSP R
Sider Swing Second Recital PSP R ( Successful Recital ) + PS2 PAD ( Left or Right ) + PSP R

Note: The Double Recital is usefull to dodge and hit a monster at the same time, besides boost the previous recital effect


  • Longer reach than Hammer.
  • Recital has different uses, from attack and defence boosts to elemental resistances, healing and the power to negate some status effects and tremors.
  • Under the effects of the self-buff note (White/Purple) Hunting Horns has the fastest move speed, even faster that SnS
  • Recital songs get even stronger in G rank.
  • Has cutting damage by using the Forward Stab attack. (MHP3rd, MH3U and MH4. only)
  • It is stronger than the Hammer in MHP3rd, MH3G and MH4.


  • Does not have charged attacks.
  • Weaker than Hammer in the other previous series in which it is present. (MHFU, MHF2, MH2, MHF, MHG.)
  • It has no guard.
  • It's attacks are a bit slower than the Lance, Gunlance, and Longsword.
  • Due to long range and varying attacks, not as precise as the Hammer when targeting monster weak points.

Game Changes

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

  • Notes are now played when attacking, as opposed to in recital mode. Pressing X, A, and X+A will play one of the three difference notes available to the weapon. Pressing the R button will now "cast" the melody and give the proper buff as usual. Doing so causes the character to swing the hunting horn and move it into a position to play it, during which the player is vulnerable for a short time. This makes the hunting horn a far more versatile weapon, as melodies can be chained and played as a part of attack combos.

Monster Hunter X/Generations

  • Hunting Horns now features a mechanic of double notes. If you hit a monster with an attack, the note generated will have a different special note. When the Horn user plays a song entirely of these special notes, it will not only play the song, but also encores your previous song (AKA the stronger version of a note when song a second time), meaning that Horn users can play two songs at the same time; allowing the hunting horn user to play encores faster and focusing better on dealing damage to monster.

Monster Hunter World

  • Hunting Horn now features the ability to queue songs once the note combination has been played, up to the three most recent songs. These songs may be played in a single recital animation. Performing an encore afterwards will encore all songs played during the recital without affecting the length of the encore animation. The recital animation can now be canceled by dodging at any time after the initial recital swing has finished, which does not remove the song from the queue. The double note mechanic from Monster Hunter X/Generations has been removed, however recital and encore swings will now end with a shockwave that deals Blast damage.


The Monster Hunter Wikia does not take credit for these videos

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