If a player used the sleep function to go from night to day in Moga Village, the amount of boats sailing into the village in the background during the morning is equal to the amount of Hunting Fleet boats that have returned to the village.


Type Name Level Cost Days Description Items Obtained 
Fishing Moga Coast 30p 2 A spot the villagers often visit. Common Moga fish can be found here. Shining Starfish, Sushifish, Pin Tuna, Popfish, Sleepy Fish, Humspun Conch, Whetfish,
Moga Shallows ★★ 80p 3 Valuable fish can be caught in this popular spot only a short trip away.

Armorfish Morsel, Wanchovy, Humspun Conch, Bomb Arowana, Burst Arowana, Scatterfish, Pin Tuna, Shining Starfish, Sleepyfish.

Moga Deep ★★★ 150p 4 A difficult spot to get to, but its unusual fish make the trip worth it. Glutton Tuna, Scatterfish, Wanchovy, Mystic Narwhal, Blue Cutthroat, Humspun Conch, Small Goldenfish, Burst Arowana, Armorfish Morsel.
Legendary Tides ★★★★ 200p 6 A spot said to have once drawn a fisherman of legend. Fish paradise. Mystic Narwhal, Large Lobstershell, Armorfish Morsel, Wanchovy, Bomb Arowana, Pin Tuna, Blue Cutthroat, Scatterfish, Burst Arowana, Shining Starfish, Sleepyfish, Atlantis Crab. 
Treasure Dark Waters 30p 2 A terrible place. Items can be salvaged from ships that ran aground here. Broken Shell, Aquaglow jewel, Iron Ore, Steel Egg, Airweed, Incomplete Crown, Stone, Rusted Fragment, Royal Crest, Large Barrel, Small Barrel. 
Moga Strait ★★ 80p 3 A strait with unique tides. Said to hide unusual treasures. Steel Egg, Broken Shell, Incomplete Crown, Machalite Ore, Rusted Fragment, Dragonite Ore, Stone, Carbalite Ore, Airweed, Crown's Gemstone, Large Fragment, Black Pearl, Iron Pickaxe, Silver Egg.
Abyssal Volcano ★★★ 150p 4 Even veteran fishermen fear for their lives here. Riches abound Black Pearl, Borken Shell, Pelagicite Ore, Crown's Gemstone, Stone, Bathycite Ore, Mega Pickaxe, Airweed, Silver Egg, Rusted Fragment, Slender Fragment, Golden Egg. 
Pirate's Tomb ★★★★ 200p 6 A cursed place that drives men mad. Said to be brimming with treasure. Silver Egg, Sunspire Jewel, Crown's Gemstone, Stone, Broken Shell, Royal Crest, Pirate Booty, Armor Stone, Jumbo Pearl, Golden Egg, Rusted Fragment, Long Fragment. 
Hunting Nearby Island 50p 2 An island near the village. Relatively easy-to-hunt monsters inhabit it. Hydro Hide, Immature Sponge, Monster Fluid, Altaroth Stomach, Hydro Hide +, Screamer, Bnahabra Shell, Monster Bone M, Blue Kelbi Horn, Bomb Sac, Bnahabra Carapace.
Distant Isle ★★ 100p 3 Dangerous monsters even veteran hunters are wary of live on this island. Dash Extract, Gobul Hide, R. Ludroth Scale, Paralysis Sac, Spongy Hide, Monster Bone L, Gobul Hide +, R. Ludroth Scale +, Gobul Spike, Fertile Mud.
No-Man's Land ★★★ 150p 4 Hunters speak of this mythic place in awe. Just arriving is a miracle. Lagiacrus Scale, Pale Extract, Flame Sac, Lagiacrus Hide, Sleep  Sac, Poison Sac, Monster Bone L, Monster Bone M.

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