Hunters for Hire are a feature new to MH3U. They appear in the solo port (solo Port Tanzia or solo Gathering Hall in Val Habar), can be hired for a fee and sent on the quest they are offering. When sending a hunter on a quest you can hire three other hunters to aid the first one for a small fee that will improve the chances of clearing their quest overall.


  • Hunters for Hire appear when you have another players guild card, will share their name and will wear the same equipment as when you last saw them. Guild cards, armors and weapons actualize with the person from whom the card is whenever you yourself meet them again. In MH4U, you can set your card to permanently show you wearing a specific armor set, even if you are right now wearing another set entirely.
  • Upon sending a hunter/group of hunters out, you may not send another out until the first hunter/group has returned.
  • Hunters for Hire will complete their quest after you have been on two quests yourself.
  • The quests can end in Success, Great Success, or Failure. The amount of reward varies with the degree of success.
  • Hunters for Hire can be sent on low, high, or g-rank quests.
  • You can only send Hunters for Hire on quests of your rank or lower. For example, if you are low rank you cannot send a hunter for hire on a high rank quest, even if they themselves are high rank hunters.
  • You will not be able to access high/G rank hunters for hire immediately upon ranking up. You will have to make some progress in high/G rank before you can do this.
  • In MH3U there exists the possibility of sending hunters to hunt Large Monsters, Small Monsters or have them go on gathering quests the likes of retrieving powderstones. But in MH4U there is no specific gathering quest. The only way to send them on a gathering quest is to send them after small monsters, to which they have the highest chances of success.
  • A hunters rank, HR, does not contribute to the chances that the quest will end in success.