Normal Honey. Highly nutritious.

Sell for 45z.

Where to obtain it


  • Special Mushroom + Firefly = Honey [Can only be combined inside a Quest]

Elder Trading

  • Snowy - Common Trade for Congalala Coin
  • Swamp - Common Trade for Congalala Coin
  • Any - Common Trade for Chaos Mushroom


  • Pokke Farm - Bee Hive
  • Pokke Farm - Trenya's Boat (Snow Mountains / Jungle / Forest and Hills)


- Moga Forest - Area 2, 3.

What uses for it


  • Potion + Honey = Mega Potion
  • Nurtrients + Honey = Mega Nutrients
  • Bitterbug + Honey = Catalyst
  • Honey + Sunset Herb = Energy Drink

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