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The name is obtained either by using Japanese translating programs or through previous existing English equivalent terms in the game. The names will be used as quick references around other articles in the Monster Hunter Wikia until Capcom reveals the official English names for them.
English Name: N/A
Japanese Name: 高地
General Information
Number of Areas: 7
Hazards: Lightning Storms, Breakable Structures
Small Monsters: Burukku, Erupe, Hornetaur, Mosswine, Vespoid
Large Monsters: Dyuragaua, Doragyurosu, Gurenzeburu, Hyujikiki, Kuarusepusu, Pariapuria, Poborubarumu, Rathalos, Rathian, Yama Kurai
Game Appearances: MHF 9.0 - MHF-G8
Generation: Frontier
MHFG-Highlands Map

Highland Map (MHFG)

The Highland (高地), also known as the "Fields of Natural Calamity" (天変のフィールド), is an area exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier. It was first unveiled in the Season 9.0 update. As the name suggests, it is an area of high rocky plateaus.

The mountains and towering cliffs are largely unexplored. At the summit, there is a deteriorating forest with weathered rocks - below is an endless sea of clouds. Waterfalls are plentiful in the area. The deepest part of the Highland, in Area 4, is a cave characterized by huge stone pillars.
The Hunter's Guild refer to this area as the "high ground" although it is still shrouded in mystery.
Two previously unknown herbivore monsters are indigenous to this area: Erupe (エルペ), a type of ram; and Burukku (ブルック), a medium sized bison-like creature. A large predatory wyvern called the Gurenzeburu also roams the area, alongside Dyuragaua, Doragyurosu, Pariapuria and Kuarusepusu.

The Highland is one of the only environments in the Monster Hunter series where the weather can change mid-quest.

The pillars in the cave can be broken by monsters as well as the rocks up on the cliffs. If the rocks on the cliffs get knocked down they will fall into the area bellow and break obstacles blocking a entrance at 2nd level and a bug gathering zone at bottom. The pillars being destroyed sometimes kill hunters more than the monsters due to high damage from huge falling rocks.

Music Themes

MHF-G8: Highland Music Theme (HR1-4)
MHF-G8: Highland Music Theme (HR5~)
MHF-G8: Highland Music Theme (G-rank)

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