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This is the Low Rank Blademaster Version of the Hi-Metal Armor.

Click for Low Rank Gunner Version of Hi-Metal Armor.

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Hi-Metal Armor

for Male and Female
Rarity: 3, Total Slots: 5
General Information
Total Defenses:
Initial Defense 100
Max Defense
Fire Resistance -10
Water Resistance -10
Ice Resistance -5
Thunder Resistance 15
Dragon Resistance 0
Skill Effects: Health +30, Gunnery Master
Armor Pieces
MH3icon-Helm Head Hi-Metal Helm
MH3icon-Plate Torso Hi-Metal Mail
MH3icon-Gauntlets Arms Hi-Metal Vambraces
MH3icon-Waist Waist Hi-Metal Tasset
MH3icon-Leggings Feet Hi-Metal Greaves

Slots & Description

Armor Piece Name Slots Description
Hi-Metal Helm
O Headgear made from rare ore. Loved by Hunters for its easy handling.
Hi-Metal Mail
O Mail made from rare ore. Boasts difficult to damage strength.
Hi-Metal Vambraces
O Made from rare ore. Even when trampled by a wyvern, they don't lose their shape.
Hi-Metal Tasset
O Primarily made of a rare ore. Strength above that of normal wyvern armor.
Hi-Metal Greaves
O Primarily made of a rare ore. Quite powerful against physical attacks.


Items Required Cost
MH3icon-Helm Lightcrystal x1, Machalite Ore x2, Earth Crystal x2 1150z
MH3icon-Plate Machalite Ore x3, Iron Ore x3, Velociprey Hide x2 1150z
MH3icon-Gauntlets Machalite Ore x3, Iron Ore x4, Carpenterbug x2 1150z
MH3icon-Waist Machalite Ore x2, Disk Stone x3, Thunderbug x2 1150z
MH3icon-Leggings Machalite Ore x3, Iron Ore x3, Velociprey Hide x3 1150z
Lightcrystal x1, Machalite Ore x13, Earth Crystal x2, Iron Ore x10, Velociprey Hide x5, Carpenterbug x2, Disk Stone x3, Thunderbug x2

Armor Stats

The Hi-Metal class of armors, especially the lower grade, is one not often seen among hunters due to various reasons. Though the armor itself isn't terribly expensive in regards to its defense and such, making the armor requires 13 pieces of Machalite Ore, and most hunters early on would prefer to spend the precious few Machalite they obtain on the improvement of their weapons instead. That's not to say that the Hi-Metal armors are not worth the effort to make, though, as the low-grade Hi-Metal is the earliest of the "Get Heavy" class of armor - the big, bulky armor that's focused more on standing in the midst of battle and taking hits than using a hit and run strategy. This is encouraged by the inherent Health +20 Skill already in the armor (Though the Gunnery Skill isn't always useful). Overall, this is a set of armor that, should one be able to afford making it (and if they are into the "Get Heavy" look and strategy), will prove its worth until access to the Hi-Metal S is unlocked.


Fir Wat Ice Thn Drg
MH3icon-Helm 20 -2 -2 -1 +3 0
MH3icon-Plate 20 -2 -2 -1 +3 0
MH3icon-Gauntlets 20 -2 -2 -1 +3 0
MH3icon-Waist 20 -2 -2 -1 +3 0
MH3icon-Leggings 20 -2 -2 -1 +3 0
TOTAL 100 -10 -10 -5 +15 0


Skill Points Total
MH3icon-Helm MH3icon-Plate MH3icon-Gauntlets MH3icon-Waist MH3icon-Leggings
Health +3 +3 +3 +3 +3 +15 Health +30
Gunnery +3 +2 +2 +3 +3 +13 Gunnery Master
Whim +1 +1 +2 +1 +1 +6
Stamina -2 -1 -2 -2 -2 -9


  • Mediocre armor whose main selling point is the Gunnery Skill, making it good armor for early Gunlancers. It has 5 slots, allowing you to gem in any skill with +2 jewels or improve the Health +30 to Health +50 (requires 3 slots) and get Gunnery King (requires 2 Small Arms Jewels, which, again, require Machalite Ore). Whim is generally useless, so it's best to ignore it when gemming. Unfortunately for this armor, its defense is pretty low and it only boasts a resistance to Thunder, being neutral to Dragon and weak to Fire, Water and Ice.
  • It's not recommended to get this armor unless you do a lot of shelling with Gunlances, as there are better armors out there with Health +30, and as mentioned before, the Machalite Ore can be difficult to get at this stage.

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