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Herbivores (Japanese 草食種) are weak monsters that eat vegetation from grass or trees instead of hunting for meat. They are usually docile monsters which may attack or run away if threatened. They range in many different sizes and species. Although they are all in the same group, many of the species are not closely related to each other. While other monsters in the series are known to have a strictly herbivorous diet, such as Diablos and Duramboros, this list refers only to those that belong to the in-game classification of Herbivores.

First Generation Herbivores

Second Generation Herbivores

Third Generation Herbivores

Fourth Generation Herbivores

Frontier Generation Herbivores

Monster Hunter Online Herbivores

None / Unconfirmed.


  • There are currently no new Herbivores in the Monster Hunter Online series.
  • There are no new Herbivores in the Monster Hunter Orage series.
  • Bullfango was previously a Herbivore in the First Generation of Monster Hunter Series before being reclassified as a Fanged Beast in the later generations.

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