The MH Wiki commonly puts up Youtube videos to augment the media presented in articles. Without instruction, you just may have no idea how to set one up.

Setting the video up

The only thing really needed to set up the video, is to have one line of HTML code:

<youtube width="240" height="200">5ANxz7bxMhw</youtube><br />

The only thing that changes are the seemingly random assortment of numbers and letters, in this case being "5ANxz7bxMhw". That assortment of numbers and letters is the specific Youtube video, shown on the web link (we will call it the 'video code').

Identifying the Video Code

Let's say for example you're watching a Youtube video, take a look at the web link of that page. Near the end of the link, you should find that random assortment of letters and numbers, it may also have dashes in it. Copy just that video code, and paste it into the HTML code given above.

MH Wiki's Standards

The video itself has been put up, but now it should be done in a way to reflect how all the videos are presented. More later..