The Shout Box widget allows communication among all members that have the Shout Box widget open. There are some disadvantages in comparison to the Chat Room feature, like having to refresh to see incoming messages, much slower communication, and low amount of logging, but can prove useful when only "small or direct conversation" is needed.

How to Access the Shout Box Widget

Step Description
1 Make sure you are logged in.
2 Go to your Preferences Page. If you can't find it, here is the link: Special:Preferences.
3 When you are in the Preferences Page, select the second tab, "Skin." There are four different sections: Monaco, Quartz, Wikipedia Skin, and Old Skin.
4 Choose one of the options under "Monaco." You may pick any you want, but the one that looks best with this wiki is "Brick."
5 Go to the Main Page. Look at the header at the top of the page where your user name, "My talk," and log out option is. The third option at the header should say "MORE." Click on it, and choose "Manage Widgets."
6 A long horizontal header should appear at the top of the page showing all the "widgets." Go through them and find the "Shout Box." Click the green circle with a white plus (+) sign inside that is directly to the right of the "Shout Box."
7 The Shout Box should load and open on the left side of the wiki. You can customize some preferences by clicking the tool sign on the Shout Box header.

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