A reference is a link that leads to another site, video, or page of this wiki. The main purpose of a reference is to show support of a said statement that may not be too believable. References will always show up as a number next to a claim.

Setting up the Reference

  1. First, choose which statement you want to support with a link. Let's say you want to support the statement, "Derumaiosu is a monster in Monster Hunter Orage that has petrifying spit." You want to put the link, and surround them with <ref> at the beginning, and </ref> at the end. Remember that the link will be between the statement and the period of that sentence. It should look like this..
Derumaiosu is a monster in Monster Hunter Orage that has 
 petrifying spit <ref></ ref>.
  1. After that, you will want to create a References section, where, under that, a list of references will show. This is what it should look like..
 <div class="references-small">
 <references />

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