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DescriptionLeft InsetMain BoxRight Inset
Content Content wiki code lcontent=content=rcontent=
Background color lbg=mainbg=rbg=
Text color color lcolor=color=rcolor=
Width with units lwidth=width=
(with insets)
Font size with units lsize=size=rsize=
  • Italic parameters above default to sane values and should generally not be touched.
  • Sane defaults are provided for everything, only content has to be specified to display an infobox.
  • |bcolor= and |bwidth= specify the box border color and width respectively (both with units).
This template is used to create user boxes.

Type userbox on a template page.
The box is formatted with the help of MediaWiki:Common.css (see below) - allowing the template to be used both with and without additional formatting information.
The box consists of three parts - left and right inserts as well as the main (text) cell; the cells are rendered if the relevant content parameters are provided.
The available parameters are listed in the box to the right.

CSS code (add to MediaWiki:Common.css)
/* === USERBOXES  === */
table.userbox { float:left; margin:0.2em; padding:0; border-width:1px; border-style:solid; }
table.userbox td.left, table.userbox td.right { text-align:center; vertical-align:middle; font-size:1.6em; padding:0; }
table.userbox td.main { padding:0 4px; vertical-align:middle; line-height:125%; font-size:0.9em; }

table.userbox { border-color:#aaa; background:#f8f8f8; }
table.userbox td.left, table.userbox td.right { background:#d8d8d8; }

Sample output
{{userbox}} gives...
id info


{{userbox|lcontent=L|rcontent=R|content=Box with both insets and no provided styling.}} gives...
id info


{{userbox|rcontent=BLU|content=Right inset, custom colors|mainbg=steelblue|rbg=lightsteelblue|rcolor=midnightblue|rsize=2em|color=#BBDDFF|bcolor=skyblue}} gives...
id info


See also
Template:User edits on Wikia Template, a userbox using this template.
Template:Userbox on WoWWiki, upon which this template was based.

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