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Heavenly Eye Mizutsune Topics:

Heavenly Eye Mizutsune are Deviants of Mizutsune, introduced in Monster Hunter XX.

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Heavenly Eye Mizutsune looks about as beautiful as normal Mizutsune. Unlike normal individuals, Heavenly Eye Mizutsune has white fur on its body, along with larger claws on its feet. Occasionally, it'll rub a red substance on its tail and claws, turning said parts a hot pinkish color. The biggest difference is scars around its face, including its eyes, that it had sustained in battle with another monster. These injuries make the individual blind, however, its eyes will glow blue once it senses a threat.


Heavenly Eye Mizutsune is able to "see" in its environment by using its bubbles. If a foe is touched by the bubbles, Heavenly Eye Mizutsune is able to sense that foe's location before attacking. When an enemy is hit by a single bubble, Heavenly Eye Mizutsune will become enraged, causing water vapor to come out of its eyes. While enraged, it'll be able to breathe blue bubbles at foes. These bubbles are highly flammable.


Like Mizutsune, Heavenly Eye Mizutsune are rather calm in nature until provoked. Usually, Heavenly Eye Mizutsune spend most of their time sleeping.

Game Appearances

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter XX
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Threat Level (危険度): (?)


  • Heavenly Eye Mizutsune is one of the few G-rank exclusive Deviants.
  • Heavenly Eye Mizutsune's claws, back, and head can be wounded, and its tail can be wounded and severed.
  • Without hitting a foe with one of its bubbles, Heavenly Eye Mizutsune can't see hunters too well and can't become enraged.
    • It is possible to avoid all of its bubbles through a whole quest.
  • Heavenly Eye Mizutsune will occasionally cover its front limbs and tail in a reddish substance, making its attacks stronger with those parts. However, this also makes those parts weaker to attacks by hunters.
    • This substance can also grant an increase in attack if hunters are either hit by its front claws or tail.
  • Once a bubble touches a hunter, Heavenly Eye Mizutsune will go into Rage Mode.
  • Noticeably, Heavenly Eye Mizutsune is slower than Mizutsune.