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1[Practical Hunting -Hammer-]

Alright, I'm a hunter... But now what weapon should I be using...!? There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition, we will cover the Hammer.

2There are many who feel the Hammer is deficient because it can't guard, and has a large interval between attacks; however, the truth is that the Hammer is a truly deep weapon. Sure, it lacks variation in its combos and there is a long gap between attacks, but it makes up for it with light footwork and a wide variety of charged attacks.
3Like a Great Sword or a Lance, a Hammer's attacks are heavy and strong; however, unlike those weapons, you can run even while brandishing a Hammer. It is a weapon of limitless merits, with the ability to change with varying situations, with it you can launch any type of attack, and still be able to move with haste.
4By pressing the (Right Bumper) button, you can charge up for an attack. These charged attacks can be unleashed at three levels of power, depending on how long they are charged. By charging to the final level of power, you can unleash a devastating combo while moving, or an incredible smashing attack launched from a stationary position (Which is good for a sleeping monster).
5If you are executing a combo attack, you can press the (Triangle) button during the combo to unleash one of two extra attacks. These attacks have intense destructive power. They also compensate for the Hammer's lack of Guard.
6However these awesome charged attacks drain Stamina if you continually charge. Since charging an attack to unleash on a wyvern takes a great deal of time, you should drink Power Juice to bolster your Stamina for the fight.
7Furthermore, Hammers have a valuable special effect. It is called stun. I'm sure that you, like me, have had an incredibly large object fall onto your head at terminal velocity. Everyone has one time or another, right!? Well, a Hammer can cause similar effects. Just hit a monster over the head for an absolutely stunning blow!
8Light on its feet, with a variety of charged attacks. These are considered the greatest advantages of a Hammer-toting hunter. Care to go for a smash?

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