Gypceros Armor
General Information
MHST-Gypceros Armor Set Render 001
Gender Male / Female
Rarity 3
Total Defenses
Initial Defense 28
Maximum Defense 56
Fire Resistance 0
Water Resistance 0
Thunder Resistance 4
Ice Resistance 0
Dragon Resistance 0
Armor Skills English All Status Rate+ (S), Negate Poison
Japanese 特殊攻撃強化【小】, 毒無効
Description Armor made using the rubbery skin of a Gypceros. The flexible materials used in its construction allow for a strong defense.


Materials Required Cost
Material 1
Gypceros x8pts
毒怪鳥 x8pts
Material 2

Level Upgrades

Level Required Materials Defense Cost per Upgrade
1 Material 1
Gypceros x4pts
毒怪鳥 x4pts
34 2200z
Material 2 垂皮竜の皮 x10pts
2 Material 1
Gypceros x5pts
毒怪鳥 x5pts
40 2800z
Material 2 青怪鳥 x10pts
3 Material 1
Gypceros x6pts
毒怪鳥 x6pts
48 3400z
Material 2
Iodrome x10pts
ドスイーオス x10pts
4 Material 1
Gypceros x8pts
毒怪鳥 x8pts
56 4000z
Material 2 感謝の証 x1pts
Total Materials Required:
Total Cost:


Armor Path:
Upgraded From: Upgrades Into:
N/A Gypceros Armor Gypceros Armor+
Level Required Materials Defense Cost per Upgrade
MAX Material 1
Gypceros+ x5pts
毒怪鳥上位 x5pts
77 4600z
Material 2
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