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1[Practical Hunting -Gunlance-]

Alright, I'm a hunter... But now what weapon should I be using...?! There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition, we will cover Gunlance.

2There are those who will say a Gunlance is slow, lacks power, and is difficult to use; however, those in the know understand its true depth. When the weapon is at the ready, a hunter may indeed be slowed, and being circled by even a weak pack of beasts is a difficult task, but in return, you have exemplary Guard, mulltiple attack types, and Wyvern's Fire.
3Just like a Lance, the Gunlance sports an enormous shield, and thus can Guard against the strong attacks of a wyvern without making a hunter break his or her stance. You can also hold down the R button to attack and move while Guarding!
4It is no slouch in the attack department either. Use the Triangle button to stab like a Lance, or press the Circle button to fire devastating shells. This power allows you to inflict continuous damage. Moreover, Shelling attacks are unaffected by an enemy's armor. Just be aware that drops in Sharpness can negatively impact Shelling functions.
5MHFU Exclusive Page: Now, allow me to enlighten you on the three varieties of Gunlance shots: Normal, Spread, and Long. In general, Spread shots are the most powerful, while Normal shots are the weakest of the three. The wear and tear each type does to the Gunlance's Sharpness corresponds accordingly.
6MHFU Exclusive Page: You can usually load up to 5 Normal shots at once on most Gunlances, while you can only load up to 2 Spread shots. The max number of Long shots is variable, but don't look down on it. Out of the three types, Long shots travel the farthest. Certain Gunlances are better in certain situations, so I suggest you mix it up and see what works best for you.
7A Gunlance is also similar to a Lance with regards to evasion methods. Normally you can only execute a back step; however, by pressing the Triangle button right after an attack you can perform a large back step, or a sidestep - perfect for setting up proper attack distance. Unfortunately, the weight of the weapon prevents consecutive evades.
8The core of the Gunlance's special abilities is in a technique called Wyvern's Fire. While it takes time to execute, its power is beyond description. It is truly a trump card against huge monsters. Unfortunately, Wyvern's Fire drastically reduces Sharpness, and once executed, the technique's cool down period is long, preventing consecutive uses.
9If you are looking for a weapon ready to face down the strongest and baddest of monsters, look no further than the Gunlance. In many ways, it is the best of both worlds!

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