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The Guild Receptionists or Guild Girls (Japanese ギルドガールズ) are employees of the Hunter's Guild that give out quests to hunters.

What Does A Guild Receptionist Do?

Since monster hunting is a popular job among the world and the geography of the world being mostly unknown, along with its history, a special few individuals have the job of collecting information. This information is not only about an area but the monsters that inhabit it. It is the Guild Receptionist's job to give hunters quests and to inform them about any monsters within their rank.

Who Can Be A Guild Receptionist?

The job only allows females.

The Uniforms For Each Guild Receptionist

The uniforms are different for each district for Guild Receptionists. Some uniforms are perfect for going to many different environments, others just make it easier for to move from place to place while on the job. The uniforms include the Maiden's Uniform, Scholar Uniform, and Sailor Uniform.

Guild Receptionist Merchandise

Due to the popularity of some Guild Receptionists, merchandise is made for the public of those receptionists. A lot of these goods are popular among hunters, such as equipment like the Ms. M.H. Puppet and Lecturer's Armor.

Known The Guild Receptionists


Becky (Japanese ベッキー) , the Minegarde Sweetheart, is a Guild Receptionist, and secretly a Guild Knight, found in Minegarde Town and occasionally Kokoto Village. She doesn't really like to work much though she can be quite rude towards people yet friendly. She is known to wear a red Maiden Uniform.


Doris (Japanese ドリス) is a Guild Receptionist found in Minegarde Town and Kokoto Village. Doris is known for her blunt way of talking in private and for being embarrassed very easily. Her uniform is like Becky's uniform, however, Doris' uniform is blue in color.


Patty (Japanese パティ) , the Jumbo Sweetheart, is a Guild Receptionist found in Jumbo Village. She works through out the day, even at night. She shops in Jumbo's Harbor in the morning, she does work for the Hunter's Guild in the middle of the day, and finally tends to bar work at night. Around Jumbo Village, Patty is known for being a workaholic. She is also known for being kind-hearted. Her uniform is green in color.


Shirley (Japanese シャーリー) is a Guild Receptionist found in Pokke Village. She may look harmless to people but she takes great pride in her job and is the leader of the other receptionists in Pokke Village, Pokke Village's Chiefs like Nekoht. All of this is hard work so she usually yawns quite a lot. She usually wears a yellow uniform and a blue skirt.


Aisha (Japanese アイシャ) , the Guild Sweetheart or Moga Sweetheart , is a Guild Receptionist found in Moga Village. Aisha is a cheerful and industrious Guild Receptionist. She isn't very knowledgeable about hunting grounds and monsters, so she studies everyday about them. She looks forward to hearing stories from hunters and merchants from all over the world, including about unknown monsters not seen by the Hunter's Guild as of yet. Aisha wears a slightly different version of the Scholar Uniform.


Konaha (Japanese コノハ) , the Yukumo Sweetheart, is a Guild Receptionist found in Yukumo Village. Konaha is carefree and playful towards hunters. She proclaims herself to be a Talented Receptionist and is known to shake hands with hunters before they ask for a quest. Konaha is also known for being friends with Aisha. She wears a purple uniform that matches with Yukumo Village's traditional style.


Sasayu (Japanese ササユ) is a Guild Receptionist found in Yukumo Village. Sasayu is the sister of Konaha but is serious and more firm compared to her sister. She is considered to be quite talented as well by her sister, Konaha, which makes some believe that she was once a hunter. Strangely, she seems to have been punished unknowingly by the Hunter's Guild for some reason in MHGen. Sasayu wears the same uniform as her sister, however, it is instead blue in color.


Kathy (Japanese キャシー) is a Guild Receptionist found in Port Tanzia. Kathy has a bright and cheerful personality. She is said to be seemingly innocent to hunters though can easily off topic about a hunter's quest if she wants to. Kathy wears a blue Sailor Uniform.


Laura (Japanese ローラ) is a Guild Receptionist found in Port Tanzia. Laura is Kathy's sister. Though known for being impatient and straight forward, Laura is very similar to Kathy in many ways. Laura wears a red Sailor Uniform.


Erina (Japanese エリナ) is a Guild Receptionist found in Port Tanzia. She rings the gong in Port Tanzia with her Portsmark, this is a job only giving to a few special Guild Receptionists. She doesn't get to talk much but some kids say she is gentle and doesn't like to talk much. Erina even was said to have swung a drunken Guild Master away from Kathy and half way across Port Tanzia. Erina wears a black Sailor Uniform and has black hair.


Sophia (Japanese ソフィア), the Guildmarm, is a Guild Receptionist found in Val Habar. She is considered to be an oddball among most Guild Receptionists. Sophia is very polite and has a fascination with some pretty odd monsters such as Gravios, Gore Magala, Daimyo Hermitaur, Rajang, and Seregios. The main monster she loves the most is Brachydios. Unlike most other Guild Receptionists, Sophia is known to travel from place to place for her job and even secretly watch hunters hunt down monsters while taking notes. Sophia is very kind-hearted and polite but monster crazy. She is also said to do some crazy things if she gets drunk, according to the Caravaneer. Sophia wears a green Lecturer's Uniform.


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