Guild Masters (Japanese ギルドマスター) are the representatives to certain major districts of the Hunter's Guild in cities or towns.


What Does A Guild Master Do?

Guild Masters mainly help hunters register into the Hunter's Guild, in order to let them hunt legally under this corporation and test a hunter's strength. They are known to test a hunter's strength with Urgent Quests in order to see if the hunter is worthy of ranking up to new ranks like High Rank or G-Rank. Guild Masters are also known to give the hunters various types of advice to help them overcome challenges.

Who Can Be A Guild Master?

This job is only limited to Wyverians.

Known Districts To Have A Guild Master

The known districts of the Hunter's Guild that have Guild Masters include the Minegrade, Dundorma, Loc Lac, Tanzia, Val Habar, and Mezeporta districts.