The Guild Card is your hunter's ID. It lists your name, what Quests you have completed, awards you've collected, and the monsters you have slain.

It can be personalized with titles.

Titles Received from Leveling:

Title When it's found
Noob Available from the Start

Available from the Start


Available from the Start

Fledgling Available from the Start
Rookie Available from the Start
Hunter Available from the Start
Fisher Available from the Start
Fighter Available from the Start
Sniper Available from the Start
Weapon Available from the Start
Sword&Shield Available from the Start
Blade Available from the Start
Great Sword Available from the Start
Lance  Available from the Start
Spear Available from the Start
Hammer Available from the Start
Cudgel Available from the Start
Knife Available from the Start
Dual Blades Available from the Start
Light Bowgun Available from the Start
Cross Bow Available from the Start
Heavy Bowgun Available from the Start
Launcher Available from the Start
Katana Available from the Start
Long Sword Available from the Start
Arrow Available from the Start
Bow Available from the Start
Gunlance Available from the Start
Artillery Available from the Start
Music Available from the Start
Hunting Horn Available from the Start
Axe Available from the Start
Switch Axe Available from the Start
Seeking Available from the Start
Recruiting Available from the Start
Helper Available from the Start
Courageous Available from the Start
Gentleman Available from the Start
Lady Available from the Start
Shepherd Available from the Start
Soldier Available from the Start
Man Available from the Start
Woman Available from the Start
Son Available from the Start
Daughter Available from the Start
Loner Available from the Start
Loving Available from the Start
Poogie Available from the Start
Stranger Available from the Start
Nervous Available from the Start
Excited Available from the Start
Solo Available from the Start
Dual Available from the Start
Triple Available from the Start
Party Available from the Start
Potion Available from the Start
Honey Available from the Start
Red  Available from the Start
Blue Available from the Start
Green Available from the Start


Available from the Start
Up-and-Coming Available from the Start
Lazy Available from the Start
Third-rate Available from the Start
Offensive Available from the Start
Defensive Available from the Start
Tri Available from the Start
Bargain Available from the Start
Warrior Achieved Elite Hunter status
Archer Achieved Elite Hunter status
Attacker Achieved Elite Hunter status
Bug-catcher Achieved Elite Hunter status
Farmer Achieved Elite Hunter status
Diver Achieved Elite Hunter status
Bookworm Achieved Elite Hunter status
Fashionista Achieved Elite Hunter status
Coot Achieved Elite Hunter status
Dame Achieved Elite Hunter status
Motherly Achieved Elite Hunter status
Baker Achieved Elite Hunter status
Porfessor Achieved Elite Hunter status
Sharpshooter Achieved Elite Hunter status
Beast Achieved Elite Hunter status
Freelancer Achieved Elite Hunter status
Coward Achieved Elite Hunter status
Mascot Achieved Elite Hunter status


Achieved Elite Hunter status
Winner Achieved Elite Hunter status
Loser Achieved Elite Hunter status
Addict Achieved Elite Hunter status
Wimp Achieved Elite Hunter status
Wandering  Achieved Elite Hunter status
Skilled Achieved Elite Hunter status
Burned Achieved Elite Hunter status
Silent Achieved Elite Hunter status
Poser Achieved Elite Hunter status
Shakalaka Achieved Elite Hunter status
Cha-Cha Achieved Elite Hunter status
Kayamba Achieved Elite Hunter status
Minion Achieved Elite Hunter status
Lackey Achieved Elite Hunter status
Friend Achieved Elite Hunter status
Leader Achieved Elite Hunter status
Chum-Chum Achieved Elite Hunter status
Elite Completed many High-rank Quests
Braggart Completed many High-rank Quests
Treasure Completed many High-rank Quests
Walker Completed many High-rank Quests
Alchemist Completed many High-rank Quests
Thief Completed many High-rank Quests
Hostage Completed many High-rank Quests
Miner Completed many High-rank Quests
Transporter Completed many High-rank Quests
Guardian Completed many High-rank Quests
Gladiator Completed many High-rank Quests
Phoenix Completed many High-rank Quests
Rodeo Completed many High-rank Quests
Beloved Completed many High-rank Quests
Client Completed many High-rank Quests
Strolling Completed many High-rank Quests
Wunderkind Completed many High-rank Quests
Prodigy Completed many High-rank Quests
Hot-blooded Completed many High-rank Quests
Vanguard Completed many High-rank Quests
Amnesiac Completed many High-rank Quests
War Completed many High-rank Quests
Scrivener Completed many High-rank Quests
Mushroom Completed many High-rank Quests
Goldenfish Completed many High-rank Quests
Carefree Completed many High-rank Quests
Deviant Completed many High-rank Quests
Stinger Completed many High-rank Quests
Pal Completed many High-rank Quests
Starstruck Completed many High-rank Quests
Infatuated Completed many High-rank Quests
Love Completed many High-rank Quests
Roving Completed many High-rank Quests
Rare Completed many High-rank Quests
Well-done Completed many High-rank Quests
Second-rate Completed many High-rank Quests
Hustler Reached Hunter Rank 6
Nightingale Reached Hunter Rank 6
Entomologist Reached Hunter Rank 6
Piper Reached Hunter Rank 6
Gunslinger Reached Hunter Rank 6
Angler Reached Hunter Rank 6
Berserker Reached Hunter Rank 6
Mercenary Reached Hunter Rank 6
Prototype Reached Hunter Rank 6
Warhorse Reached Hunter Rank 6
Explorer Reached Hunter Rank 6
Assaulter Reached Hunter Rank 6
Spelunker Reached Hunter Rank 6
Bride Reached Hunter Rank 6
Head Reached Hunter Rank 6
Face Reached Hunter Rank 6
Chest Reached Hunter Rank 6
Torso Reached Hunter Rank 6
Arms Reached Hunter Rank 6
Hands Reached Hunter Rank 6
Waist Reached Hunter Rank 6
Hips Reached Hunter Rank 6
Legs Reached Hunter Rank 6
Feet Reached Hunter Rank 6
Armor Reached Hunter Rank 6
Assasin Reached Hunter Rank 9
Magnificent Reached Hunter Rank 9
Buster Reached Hunter Rank 9
Strider Reached Hunter Rank 9
Saber Reached Hunter Rank 9
Slayer Reached Hunter Rank 9
Brave Reached Hunter Rank 9
Pioneer Reached Hunter Rank 9
Veteran Reached Hunter Rank 9
Commando Reached Hunter Rank 9
Divider Reached Hunter Rank 9
Flash Reached Hunter Rank 9
Melody Reached Hunter Rank 9
Cannon Reached Hunter Rank 9
Morphing Reached Hunter Rank 9
Rotating Reached Hunter Rank 9
Frenzied Reached Hunter Rank 9
Reliable Reached Hunter Rank 9
Adventurous Reached Hunter Rank 9
Meteor Reached Hunter Rank 9
Quick-draw Reached Hunter Rank 9
Ruler Reached Hunter Rank 50
Shinobi Reached Hunter Rank 50
Freedom Reached Hunter Rank 50
Dream Reached Hunter Rank 50
Altair Reached Hunter Rank 50
Kunoichi Reached Hunter Rank 50
Vega Reached Hunter Rank 50
Vagrant Reached Hunter Rank 50
Iron Reached Hunter Rank 50
Breaker Reached Hunter Rank 50
Samurai Reached Hunter Rank 50
Model Reached Hunter Rank 50
Traveler Reached Hunter Rank 50
Wing Reached Hunter Rank 50
Broken Reached Hunter Rank 50
All Reached Hunter Rank 50
Armed Reached Hunter Rank 50
Nameless Reached Hunter Rank 50
Guide Complete 100 Quests
Sea Complete all 1 star Village Quests
Partner Complete all 2 star Village Quests
Defender Complete all 3 star Village Quests
Scout Complete all 4 star Village Quests
Pathfinder Complete all 5 star Village Quests
Master Complete all 6 star Village Quests
Bearer Complete all 7 star Village Quests
Commander Complete all 8 star Village Quests
Rescuer Complete all 9 star Village Quests and All Urgent Quests
Guild Complete all 1 star Port Quests
Knight Complete all 2 star Port Quests
Ace Complete all 3 star Port Quests
Pro Complete all 4 star Port Quests
General Complete all 5 star Port Quests
Imperial Complete all 6 star Port Quests
Last-ditch Complete all 7 star Port Quests
Guru Achieve Rank B or higher in all Arena Quests
Expert Achieve Rank A or higher in all Arena Quests

Location Titles:

Title Where it's Found
Secret Begin in a hidden area 5 times
Hidden Begin in a hidden area 10 times
D. Island Complete 20 Quests on the Deserted Island
Sandy Plains Complete 20 Quests in the Sandy Plains
F. Forest Complete 20 Quests in the Flooded Forest
Tundra Complete 20 Quests on the Tundra
Volcano Complete 20 Quests in the Volcano
Misty Peaks Complete 20 Quests in the Misty Peaks
Protector Complete 20 Quests in the Great Desert
Arcadia Complete 20 Quests in the Tainted Sea, the Sacred Land, and the Tower
Trailblazer Talk to Neko to travel from Moga Village to Port Tanzia for the first time.
StreetPass Talk to Neko to travel from Moga Village to Port Tanzia 100 times.

Titles from Hunted Monsters (not complete):

Title  How to Get it
Jaggi Hunt 20 Great Jaggi
Frilly Hunt 30 Great Jaggi
Alpha Hunt 40 Great Jaggi
Boss Hunt 50 Great Jaggi
Baggi Hunt 20 Great Baggi
Wroggi Hunt 20 Great Wroggi
Cunning Hunt 30 Great Wroggi
Arzuros Hunt 20 Arzuros
Mountain Hunt 30 Arzuros
Bear Hunt 40 Arzuros
Meat Hunt 50 Arzuros
Lagombi Hunt 20 Lagombis
Volvidon Hunt 20 Volvidons
Armadillo Hunt 30 Volvidons
Qurupeco Hunt 20 Qurupecoes
Colorful Hunt 30 Qurupecoes
Impersonator Hunt 40 Qurupecoes
Dancer Hunt 20 Crimson Qurupecoes
Crimson Hunt 30 Crimson Qurupecoes
Royal Ludroth Hunt 20 Royal Ludroth
Shower Hunt 30 Royal Ludroth
Spongy Hunt 40 Royal Ludroth
Barroth Hunt 20 Barroth
Gobul Hunt 20 Gobul
Rathian Hunt 20 Rathians
Land Hunt 30 Rathians
Graceful Hunt 30 Rathians
Pink Hunt 20 Pink Rathians
Plesioth Hunt 20 Plesioth
Gigginox Hunt 20 Gigginox
Uncanny Hunt 30 Gigginox
Barioth Hunt 20 Barioth
Blizzard Hunt 30 Barioth
Nibelsnarf Hunt 20 Nibelsnarf
Duramboros Hunt 20 Duramboros
Diablos Hunt 20 Diablos
Rathalos Hunt 20 Rathalos
Skies Hunt 30 Rathalos
Fireball Hunt 40 Rathalos
King Hunt 50 Rathalos
Azure Hunt 20 Azure Rathalos
Flying Hunt 30 Azure Rathalos
Azure Hunt 20 Azure Rathalos
Soul Hunt 40 Azure Rathalos
Agnaktor Hunt 20 Agnaktor
Nargacuga Hunt 20 Nargacugas
Nocturnal Hunt 20 Nargacugas
Brachydios Hunt 20 Brachydios
Slime Hunt 30 Brachydios
Obsidian Hunt 40 Brachydios
Explosive Hunt 50 Brachydios
Lagiacrus Hunt 20 Lagiacrus
Whirlpool Hunt 30 Lagiacrus
Rival Hunt 40 Lagiacrus
Lord Hunt 50 Lagiacrus
Voltage Hunt 20 Ivory Lagiacrus
Fated Hunt 30 Ivory Lagiacrus
Ivory Hunt 40 Ivory Lagiacrus
Netherworld Hunt 10 Abyssal Lagiacrus
Zinogre Hunt 20 Zinogres
Peerless Hunt 30 Zinogres
Wolf Hunt 40 Zinogres
Monarch Hunt 50 Zinogres
Deviljho Hunt 20 Deviljho
Ceadeus Slay 10 Ceadeus
Divine Slay 10 Goldbeard Ceadeus
Goldbeard Slay 15 Goldbeard Ceadeus
Ruins Slay 20 Goldbeard Ceadeus
Jhen Mohran Slay 10 Jhen Mohran
Strife Slay 15 Jhen Mohran
Alatreon Slay 10 Alatreon
Evil Slay 15 Alatreon
Dire Slay 10 Dire Miralis
Hellfire Slay 15 Dire Miralis

Titles Aquired via DLC:

Loc Lac