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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - G1★ Great Wroggi guide ドスフロギィ-009:02

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - G1★ Great Wroggi guide ドスフロギィ-0

The Great Wroggi is a very simple monster to defeat. You do not need any special armor for this monster but it is best to have at least a full set of Great Jaggi armor. However when you enter the quest you must take from the blue box the following items; the antidote, the ration, the map. The mini whetstone is a fall-back if you do not have any whetstones or whetfish. You can fight this monster in a similiar way to the Great Jaggi and the Great Baggi. Keep in mind however that it can spit a poisonous cloud. This is easily anticipated as the Great Wroggi will take two steps back and lift it's head. This is the reason that it is more commonly associated with the Great Baggi. You can break its neck reducing the amount of poison released though. It is weakest to ice attacks so if you anything that does ice damage use it. Overall remember that almost all of it's attacks are like that of a Great Jaggi except for the poison spit.

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