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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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An abnormally large Thunderbug raised inside the body of an elder dragon and known to inhabit the same regions as its former host, its electrical attack is deadly. This bug has various uses as a material for crafting weapons and items.


  • Order: Shell Insect
  • Suborder: Blende Insect
  • Family: Raikouchuu
  • Species: Great Thunderbug

Great Thunderbug are mutate Neopteron that have lived in special environments, such as Yama Tsukami or Yama Kurai, unlike other Thunderbugs.

There are many different species and mutations of Thunderbugs. The ones known are Old World Thunderbugs, Yukumo Thunderbugs, Flugerbugs, and Dracophage Bugs.

Habitat Range

Great Thunderbug can be seen most commonly and widespread in any location that is very warm and humid, such as the Jungle, Swamp, and even the Tower.

Ecological Niche

Great Thunderbug are known to feed on the electrical organs of other species, once the creature is dead. The corpses Great Thunderbug are known to feed on include Khezu and Red Khezu.

Biological Adaptations

Great Thunderbug are Thunderbug that have been living in a special environment, in most cases an Elder Dragon. From being in a special environment for so long, this Thunderbug has become giant, making it larger and brighter than other Thunderbugs. A Great Thunderbug's extracts still conduct electricity, even after dying.


Great Thunderbug are calm until threatened by a predator. n reality, there is only one Great Thunderbug in a swarm. Around this individual are smaller, normal Thunderbugs that are attracted to its glow. Due to the Great Thunderbug's glow, it becomes the leader of the Thunderbug swarm. By being together in a swarm, the Thunderbugs, along with their leader, the Great Thunderbug, are able to release powerful shocks that can actually paralysis threats quite easily. By swarming around a Great Thunderbug, the smaller Thunderbugs are able to generate a more powerful shock that is stronger than a regular Thunderbug's shock. The Great Thunderbug is always in the center of the swarm and if killed the other Thunderbugs will go their separate ways.

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