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1[Practical Hunting Lecture -Melee Weapons-]

You have gathered up materials and money, but you have no idea what weapon you should make... There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition, we will cover Great Swords.

2Many people feel that Great Swords are just large blades, and lack any sort of flexibility. However, the truth is that they are an incredibly deep class of weapon. Sure, it may take time before they can unleash an attack, and leave you open for too long afterwards, but they make up for this with ease of use, range, and power.
3Great Swords have three types of attacks. After one type of attack, it is possible to link to one of the two remaining types. You can also continue to connect these different attacks until you have used all three. Moreover, by pressing left and right on the analog stick with an attack, you can continue attacking while changing directions.
4Great Swords can be drawn and used immediately for an attack. The Great Sword is also able to hit high places, so it is effective against giant flying wyverns. While your sword is drawn, pressing the PSO button will allow you to unleash a quick circular attack. The wide range of this attack is especially useful when surrounded by monsters.
5These techniques can be used whether you are surrounded by giant wyverns or small monsters. After an attack, you can connect with another attack, or quickly move into evasive actions. Since Great Swords have a balanced guard and powerful attacks, they are said to be the lead player in a hunt.
6However, one should be aware of one point. The power of a Great Sword's attacks changes depending on where they land. If the sword lands near the hilt or tip, instead of its sweet spot, it will not do any significant damage. This is something that you will have to become accustomed to when using a Great Sword.
7Now I would like to talk about a few Great Swords that you can attain without a high Hunter's Rank. First, I would like to discuss the Golem Blade. It is a strong weapon made of Bone materials. Its weight and destructive power is fully developed. It also has many paths that can be taken for improvement.
8Next is the Defender. It is a sword with tremendous defensive abilities. Featuring a blade coated with Machalite Ore, it can take the role of a solid shield. It is a perfect sword for those who feel they will be hit by an enemy no matter what they do.
9Finally, I'd like to talk about the Lacerator Blade. Made from a base of Machalite Ore, with a blade fitted with Rathalos and Rathian Claw, this Great Sword is the perfect example of the fusion between Bone and Iron materials. Even its Sharpness is beyond reproach.
10Enormous attack range, the ability to string together attacks, high attack strength. These are said to be the greatest points of the Great Sword. Shouldn't you give one a try?

Hunting Life - A Monthly Magazine For Hunters
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