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MHFU: Great Forest Battle Theme
Great Forest
English Name: Great Forest
Japanese Name: 樹海
General Information
Icon: FieldIcon09
Number of Areas: 8
Main Resources: Plants
Small Monsters: Mosswine, Kelbi, Bullfango, Velociprey, Shakalaka, Melynx, Ioprey, Genprey, Hermitaur, Great Thunderbug, Giaprey
Large Monsters: Velocidrome, Nargacuga, Espinas, Hypnocatrice, Breeding Season Hypnocatrice, Rathian, Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern), Emerald Congalala, Yian Garuga, King Shakalaka, Abiorugu, Farunokku, Rebidiora
Game Appearances: MHF2, MHFU, MHFO
Generation: Second


The Great Forest is a jungle-like area. It houses a large variety of plant life and wildlife. There is a cavern in the middle of the forest which is the base of the large tree one can see in the camp. It is the home of Emerald Congalalas, Nargacugas, Shakalakas, King ShakalakasYian Garuga and Hypnocatrices. It first appeared in Monster Hunter Frontier. There is a big tree in the middle of areas 6 and 5, as a variation of the map.

Resource Map

Monster hunter freedom unite great forest

Secret Area

There is a Secret Area near Area 6 that is randomly accessible at High Rank and G-Lvl Guild Quests (You will start here on a High Rank or G-lvl Guild Quest if you have the Felyne Explorer food skill). It appears to be at the top of the giant tree in the middle of the forest.


Secret area gf
Monster Hunter Portable 2 G Jungle Day Intro00:21

Monster Hunter Portable 2 G Jungle Day Intro


Secret area gf ng
Monster Hunter Portable 2 G Jungle Night Intro00:21

Monster Hunter Portable 2 G Jungle Night Intro


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