In-game description

Armor Piece Description
Golden Moon Cap Z A Gold Rathian Cap. Enchants monsters like the moon falling from the night sky.
Golden Moon Vest Z Power beyond technology. A present from the Golden Moon, flame is no threat.
Golden Moon Guards Z Shining gold guards. The grace of the queen of the moon resides in its fingers.
Golden Moon Coat Z Like a waterfall lit by a golden moon, this brings light to the darkness.
Golden Moon Legging Z As if it was made from a flake of the heavenly moon, its beauty is shocking.


Armor Piece Items Required Cost
Golden Moon Cap Z HvyGldRathianShl (3), ThckGldRathnScl (4), GoldRathianThorn (1), HvnlyRathianScl (1) 24000z
Golden Moon Vest z ThckGldRathnScl (3), HvyGldRathianShl (3), Rathian Plate (1), HvnlyRathianScl (1) 24000z
Golden Moon Guards Z HvyGldRathianShl (3), ThckGldRathnScl (3), Rathian Thorn (1), HvnlyRathianScl (1) 24000z
Golden Moon Coat Z ThckGldRathnScl (3), HvyGldRathianShl (4), Rathian Ruby (1), HvnlyRathianScl (1) 24000z
Golden Moon Leggings Z HvyGldRathianShl (3), ThckGldRathnScl (3), Rathian Ruby (1), HvnlyRathianScl (1) 24000z
Total HvyGldRathianShl (16), ThckGldRathnScl (16), GoldRathianThorn (1), HvnlyRathianScl (5), Rathian Plate (1), Rathian Thorn (1), Rathian Ruby (2) 120000z

Armor Skills

Armor Piece Skill Points
Golden Moon Cap Z Whim -2, Fate +2, Capacity +2, Tranquilzr +3
Golden Moon Vest Z Whim -2, Fate +2, Tranquilzr +1
Golden Moon Guards Z Whim -2, Fate +4, Tranquilzr +3
Golden Moon Coat Z Whim -2, Fate +3, Tranquilzr +2
Golden Moon Leggings Z Whim -2, Fate +4, Tranquilzr +3
Total Fate +15, Tranquilzr +12, Capacity +2, Whim -10
  • The armor gives the following skills:
  1. Luck Booster: Increase the chance of receiving better rewards.
  2. Tranquilizing Whiz: Increases rewards received when capturing a monster.
  3. Spectre's Whim: Increases chance for pickaxes and bugnets to break.


Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 2
  • Torso: 3
  • Arms: 2
  • Waist: 3
  • Legs: 2

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