In-game description

Armor Piece Description
Head1Golden Moon Helm Z A Gold Rathian Helm. Shines like it was made from pieces of a broken golden moon.
Chest1Golden Moon Mail Z Made from the Queen who dances upon the Moon. No one can dim the golden color.
Hands1GoldenMoonVambracesZ Shines through like gold through haze. It can make the heart stop.
Waist1Golden Moon Coil Z Made from a Gold Rathian. Like the unbreakable moon, this is impossible to smash.
Legs1GoldenMoonGreavesZ Greaves that shine bright like the moon. A beauty that makes the heart skip a beat.


Armor Piece Items Required Cost
Head1Golden Moon Helm Z HvyGldRathianShl x3, ThckGoldRathnScl x4, GoldRathianThorn x1, HvnlyRathianScl x1 24000z
Chest1Golden Moon Mail Z ThckGoldRathnScl x3, HvyGldRathianShl x3, Rathian Plate x1, HvnlyRathianScl x1 24000z
Hands1GoldenMoonVambracesZ HvyGldRathianShl x3, ThckGoldRathnScl x3, Rathian Thorn x1, HvnlyRathianScl x1 24000z
Waist1Golden Moon Coil Z ThckGoldRathnScl x3, HvyGldRathianShl x4, Rathian Ruby x1, HvnlyRathianScl x1 24000z
Legs1GoldenMoonGreavesZ HvyGldRathianShl x3, ThckGoldRathnScl x3, Rathian Ruby x1, HvnlyRathianScl x1 24000z
Total ThckGoldRathnScl (16), HvyGldRathianShl (17), Gold Rathian Thorn (1), Rathian Thorn (1), Rathian Plate (1), Rathian Ruby (2), HvnlyRathianScl (5) 120000z

Armor Stats

Golden Moon Z starts with 98 defence and ends with a final defense of 114 per piece. This makes Golden Moon Z the 4th strongest armor in terms of sheer defense. It also offers a pretty balanced elemental resistance, only showing minor weakness to the thunder element. It's an armor with multiple purposes, but can be turned into the ultimate capturing armor.

Armor Skills

Armor Piece Skill Points
Head1Golden Moon Helm Z Artisan +2, Whim -2, Fate +2, Tranquilzr +3
Chest1Golden Moon Mail Z Whim -2, Fate +2, Tranquilzr +1
Hands1GoldenMoonVambracesZ Whim -2, Fate +4, Tranquilzr +3
Waist1Golden Moon Coil Z Whim -2, Fate +3, Tranquilzr +2
Legs1GoldenMoonGreavesZ Whim -2, Fate +4, Tranquilzr +3
Total Artisan +2, Whim -10, Fate +15, Tranquilzr +12

The armor gives the following skills:

  1. Luck Booster: Increases rewards for finishing a quest significantly.
  2. Tranquilizing Whiz
  1. Spectre's Whim: Chance that your bugnets/pickaxes break increases.


Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 2
  • Torso: 3
  • Arms: 2
  • Waist: 3
  • Legs: 2

The armor has 12 slots, so you can do pretty much with it whatever you want. It can be turned into a great G rank capturing armor, the gemming would go as follows:

  • Insert 5 Trap Master Jewels.
  • Insert 5 Perceive Jewels.
  • Insert 1 Knock Out Jewel.
  • Insert 1 Fate Jewel (1 slot weapon)

The skills would be:

  • Tranquilizing Celeb.
  • Luck Booster.
  • Tranquilizing Guru.
  • Trap Master.
  • Spectre's Whim.

Armor Sphere Levelling Requirements

Armor Level Armor Defence Armor Sphere Required Upgrade Cost
2 98 Hrd Armor Sphere x1 3940z
3 100 Hvy Armor Sphere x1 5300z
4 102 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 5800z
5 104 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 5800z
6 106 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 5800z
7 108 Tru Armor Sphere x1 6300z
8 110 Tru Armor Sphere x1 6800z
9 112 Tru Armor Sphere x1 6800z
10 114 Tru Armor Sphere x1 6800z

Total Per Piece

Total Armor Spheres Total Cost
Hrd Armor Sphere x1, Hvy Armor Sphere x1, Ryl Armor Sphere x3, Tru Armor Sphere x4 53340z

Total for Entire Armor Set

Total Armor Spheres Total Cost
Hrd Armor Sphere x5, Hvy Armor Sphere x5, Ryl Armor Sphere x15, Tru Armor Sphere x20 266700z