Total Crafting Materials

  • Rajang Horn x7
  • Gold Rajang Pelt x2
  • Gold Rathian Scale+ x3
  • Black Rajang Pelt x6
  • Rajang Tail x2
  • Rathalos Plate x1

Head : Blademaster : Golden Hair Tie: Rajang Horn X2,Gold Rajang Pelt X1,Rathalos PlateX1

Plate : Blademaster :Golden Haori : Rajang Horn X1,Gold Rajang pelt X1,Black Rajang Pelt X2


Gauntlets:Blademaster: Golden Kote :Rajang Horn X1, Gold Rathian Scale+ X1 Rajang Tail X2


Waist:Blademaster:Golden Obi : Rajang HornX1,Gold Rathian Scale+X1,Black Rajang X2

Leggings:Blademaster: Golden Hakama : Rajang Horn X1,Gold Rathian Scale+X1 Black Rajang Pelt X2   

Armor Explaination       

  • Golden Hair Tie  ---- Cost 15500 z
  • Golden Haori ---Cost 15500 z
  • Golden Kote  -----Cost 15500 z
  • Golden Obi  ------Cost 15500 z
  • Golden Hakama----Cost 15500 z

Rajang Blademaster- Total Cost : 77500 z

Blademaster Armor skills : Adrenaline+2, Sharpness +1, Flute Expert , Taunt

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