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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

G Rank

Horn Carves (x2)
Item Name
Crooked Hardhorn 53%
G. Ceadeus Shard 30%
G. Ceadeus Coat 17%
Body Carves (x6)
G. Ceadeus Shard 45%
G. Ceadeus Coat 37%
Luminous Organ 10%
Deep Dragongem 5%
Dark Dragongem 3%


Wound Rewards
Destroy Item Name
Beard G. Ceadeus Fur 67%
G. Ceadeus Shard 17%
Luminous Organ 13%
Dark Dragongem 3%
Back G. Ceadeus Coat 52%
G. Ceadeus Shard 32%
G. Ceadeus Shard x2 16%
Tail Ceadeus Tail 78%
G. Ceadeus Coat 22%

Note that there are random times that "ElderDragonBlood" is obtained...

tested 6/24/2013

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