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In-Game Information

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Gogomoa is a Fanged Beast with the unique ability to produce web.

Habitat Range

So far, Gogomoa can only be found inhabiting the Jungle area of Tide Island.

Ecological Niche

Gogomoa are known to feed on certain plants for producing their silk. The only real predator that could potentially kill a Gogomoa is a Pariapuria.

Biological Adaptations

Gogomoa have large and incredibly sharp claws that are primarily used for climbing but can also be used for self-defense against creatures such as Pariapuria and Blue Yian Kut-Ku that get too close for comfort. The one unique ability that set Gogomoa apart from their close primate relatives such as Congalala and Rajang is that they are capable of shooting a thick elastic substance resembling that of a spider's from special organs with pore-like holes located in both hands. To make this substance stick to were it chooses it eats large amounts of sticky plants from its island home and then licks the opening of these unusual thread creating organs. Gogomoa use this ability to travel through the trees of their environment with relative ease. The horns of a Gogomoa can tell you its age.


Due to limited resources on the Tide Island, Gogomoa unlike most primates are solitary in nature and only search out each other during the mating season. Female Gogomoa are fiercely protective of their young and will aggressively attack hunters and Pariapuria if said threats get much too close to comfort. If their young get harmed, a Gogomoa is known to go berserk loosing all care for its self in a attempt to quickly kill the attackers with surprising speed and adrenaline strength.