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ItemIcon006 Disclaimer:

This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

MHGen-Glavenus Icon
A brute wyvern that can bring its mighty tail down on foes like a massive sword, decimating them in an explosion of flames created from the volatile components found in its scales. If its tail dulls from accumulated soot, a Glavenus will use its fangs to resharpen it.


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Theropoda
  • Superfamily: Tail Blade Wyvern
  • Family: Glavenus

Glavenus is a recently discovered species of Brute Wyvern, found by the Hunter's Guild. Alongside Glavenus, unusual Glavenus individuals have been found. These individuals are known as Hellblade Glavenus.

Habitat Range

Glavenus can be seen inhabiting the Jurassic Frontier, Dunes, Volcanic Hollow, Volcano, Ingle Isle and Tower in the Old World.

Ecological Niche

Glavenus is a top predator that will relentlessly chase down its prey. Glavenus have primarily been seen feeding on Larinoth, Apceros, and other Herbivores. Despite being a top predator, Glavenus has to compete with other large predatory monsters. Monsters like Rathian, Malfestio, Agnaktor, and Zinogre are potential threats for Glavenus. The Glavenus's only known predator is Nakarkos. Though it has many predators to compete with, Glavenus are quite deadly themselves.

Biological Adaptions

Glavenus's most striking feature is its blade-like tail. The blade-like tail is used in many ways by Glavenus such as keeping Glavenus whole body balanced but its primary use is for attacking. This tail can cut prey in two with a single slash, crack the ground easily, and even block some attacks. Though its tail is already a powerful weapon, the Glavenus's tail can become more dangerous once its tail gets heated up. Glavenus's tail is made up of many pyroclastic materials such as ore. By rubbing or dragging its tail on the ground violently, it actually heats up its tail greatly. While its tail is heated up, its tail swings send burst of fire, making its tail-based attacks more deadly, and its tail can cut through objects much more easily. Though its tail is more deadly while heated up, Glavenus's tail actually dulls quicker. When a Glavenus's tail is heated or dull, the tail actually becomes more vulnerable to attacks from threats. To solve this problem, Glavenus has evolved a unique behavior. It will actually put its tail in its mouth, between four specially designed fangs, before slowly sharpening its blade-like tail. This restores the tail's sharpness and makes it brand new again, ready to be used in another battle. One might think that sharpening its tail would send sparks flying in its eyes, however, the hard shell covering Glavenus's face protects its eyes from sparks as it sharpens its tail. When Glavenus sharpens its tail, it is removing soot and ore from its tail and swallowing it. The swallowed soot and ore is accumulated into its special fire sac, where it changes to a semisolid form that is similar to boiling lava. This special fire sac is quite different from fire sacs belonging to other species of monsters. This fire sac allows Glavenus to hold fire in its throat, allowing it to burn prey with its powerful bites. This fire sac also allows Glavenus to breath some usual fiery projectiles at prey. These projectiles can explode on contact though can be left to detonate on their own, when fired to the ground. Occasionally, Glavenus's spikes, and some other portions of its body, will turn red as they smoke with heat. This is from its fire sac greatly heating up. Despite Glavenus's size, it is actually fairly agile and can even jump in the air. On the back of its legs are two claws used to support its weight as it lands.


Glavenus are relentless, aggressive predators with surprising skills in battle. These skills have made hunters consider them to be one of the most intelligent Brute Wyverns around if not necessarily the strongest. Glavenus will drag its tail on the ground and roar at the foe. By dragging its tail, it shows the threat that it uses fire as a weapon to enemies. Their territory is commonly marked by large gashes on the ground, produced when they scrape their tails along solid objects.


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