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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Unique Materials that are obtainable from a Gargwa in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Japanese Name Rarity Value Item Description
Webbing-Blue ? Gargwa Feather 4 280z A big, beautiful feather plucked from a Gargwa. Often used as fashion accessory.
Egg Icon Light Blue ? Gargwa Egg 4 - An egg laid by Gargwa. Though a common ingredient in food, suchs eggs are quite expensive.
Egg-Gold ? Gold Gargwa Egg 5 - A rare Garwga egg with a golden shine. Theories abound as to reasons for the color.
ItemIcon063b ? Gargwa Guano 2 25z Gargwa droppings. Can be dried and powdered for medicinal use.

High and G-Rank

Body Carves (x1)
Item Name Chance
Raw Meat 70%
Gargwa Feather 25%
Monster Bone S 5%
Shiny Drop (Damage when undiscovered)
Item Name Chance
Gargwa Egg 42%
Gargwa Guano 24%
Gold Gargwa Egg 18%
Herb 12%
Insect Husk 4%
Source: BradyGames Guide

Monster Hunter 4

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations

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