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Gargwa are Bird Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

MH4-Gargwa Render 001


Gargwa have very small, likely vestigial wings. Like most species of Herbivore, they're normally docile creatures but will attack and flee when they're threatened. They coexist with the people of Yukumo village as livestock, but they have been known to attack Hunters from time to time.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
MHP3-Gargwa Icon 渓流に生息する鳥竜種のモンスター。 羽を持つが、小さく退化しており飛ぶ事が出来ない。 ユクモ村では、家畜としても親しまれており、その用途は広い。 また大変臆病な性格で、こっそり背後から驚かされると、卵を産み落としてしまう事も。
Monster Hunter 3 G / Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Gargwa Icon 渓流に生息する鳥竜種のモンスター。羽を持つが、小さく退化しており飛ぶ事は出来ない。ユクモ村では、家畜としても親しまれており、その用途は広い。また、大変臆病な性格で、こっそり背後から驚かされると、卵を産み落としてしまう事も。

Flightless bird wyverns with vestigial wings. They can often be found roaming wild in the Misty Peaks, but are also raised as livestock in Yukumo Village. Quite timid, Gargwa have been known to lay eggs when startled.

Monster Hunter 4
MH4-Gargwa Icon 平原に生息する鳥竜種のモンスター。 羽を持つが、小さく退化しており飛ぶ事は出来ない。 さまざまな村で家畜としても親しまれており、その用途は広い。 大変臆病な性格で、こっそり背後から驚かされると卵を産み落としてしまう事も。
Threat Level (危険度):
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4-Gargwa Icon Fightless, plain-dwelling bird wyverns with vestigial wings. Quite timid, Gargwa have been known to lay eggs when other creatures surprise them from behind. They are raised as livestock in numerous villages.
Threat Level (危険度):


  • It appears to be a cross between real-life Ratites and Waterfowl.
  • Gargwa is omnivorous, eating both plants and insects.
  • Gargwa is often preyed upon by a range of creatures, from Rathian to Zinogre.
  • When surprised Gargwa will either lay an egg before running off, or drop a shiny.
    • The Eggs can be carried back to the delivery chest.
      • Normal eggs are worth 300 Farm points and 200 Zenny, and the rarer Golden eggs are worth 750 Farm points and 500 Zenny.
    • The Shiny object dropped can be either a Herb, Dung, Gargwa Feather, or an Insect Husk.

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